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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beef And Bean Stir fry

Sometimes I wonder what its like to be a chef's wife, I mean   wonder if they criticize the food she makes , or  they probably marries someone who is as passionate about food as he is. Anyway, speaking of Chefs I got  so excited when I heard about the new chef they picked up for us to follow at the IHCC, Curtis Stone!!! Yey!!.
 Used to wish he would pop up when I went grocery shopping, not sure if hubby will be very thrilled if I was going ga ga over   another man though , LOL.

So in order to say G'day to my favorite Aussie chef  I found a very easy recipe of his on Beef and green bean stir fry.  Its a quick and simple recipe but I added a bit more sauce  and a few little tweaks here and there like using tenderloin instead of steak.

Recipe: Beef and Bean stir fry recipe adapted from Curtis Stone's Steak and green bean stirfry  from

250g beef tenderloin
100g green beans, cut into bite size pieces ( you can even use snakebeans )
1/4 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2" ginger sliced into  match stick pieces
1 sliced green chilli
1 small onion sliced
1 cup water
3 tbsp oyster
3 tbsp light soy sauce
a few drops sesame oil
pinch black pepper
pinch salt
2 tsps cornflour

Slice tenderloin into thin slices then into strips. Season with 1 tbsp soy sauce , pinch pepper and 1 clove of chopped garlic. Leave to marinate for a few hours or over night in the fridge

Prepare the vegetables, beans, bell peppers, onions , remaining garlic  and ginger.   Make a sauce by mixing 1cup water with oyster sauce, soy sauce and mix in corn flour.

Heat a wok or large frying pan,  add about 2 tbsp oil, let it heat up, add the beef strips, and stir fry on high heat for 2-3 minutes, ( its important to get the  beef out of the fridge atleast 30 minutes before cooking.)

Remove the beef to a plate. Return the wok or pan to the stove top and add an extra 1 tbsp of oil and still on high heat add onions, garlic, beans and bell peppers and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.

Stir in corn flour and stir  and  return the beef and add the chilli to the pan, cover  and cook for 1 minute.  Remove lid, the sauce should be thick and glossy, add a little bit water if you feel its too thick.   Add a few drops of sesame oil and then taste add salt if needed and pinch of pepper.

Switch off and serve.

Taking this over to IHCC's theme for this week, G'Day Curtis!,  as a welcome to Chef Curtis stone , come over and check out all the other recipes ....


  1. Hi Nammi, This beef and bean dish looks do delicious! I definitely can have extra rice with it!

  2. congratulations for the really tasty dish, rich and very tasty ! Congratulations and a Mirta Potato embrace. :-D

  3. It looks very tender and delicious, Nammi.

  4. Haha! I also used to wonder if Curtis would show up in my grocery store (it made me second guess wearing my comfy clothes).

    I love this beef and bean dish. It's something I ate growing up and something my family loves to eat now. Better still, it is easy and healthy - perfect for weeknights!

  5. We love rice dishes and this looks good.

  6. That stir-fry sounds like it's packed with flavour. It looks delicious with the fluffy rice.

  7. The brown sauce looks so yummy with all the meat, veggies and rice, stirring my appetite. Great selection!

  8. What a great recipe! I think I will try it next week Thanks for sharing.

  9. So it definitely sounds like I wasn't the only one to look for Curtis when shopping. ;-) You can't beat a good stir-fry for a simple and healthy meal. This one looks so pretty on the plate too.

  10. I love stir-fry dishes. Delicious and pretty much hassle-free too.

  11. I love stir-dry dishes too, cook it very often at home. This dish looks delicious, perfect with rice!


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