Monday, March 31, 2014

Kunnaaru ( Jujube fruit)

Kunnaru is a local fruit which is loved by my family and even by  my extended family from my paternal side. For years I used to think this was called Stone apple because they look like little mini green apples and has a  seed that is hard as a stone.  It was until recently I discovered in one of my son's Dhivehi  reading books that these are actually called Jujube.
 Kunnaaru grows in a large tree( although in the wiki it says shrub) that has sharp spines. Depending on the area its grown it can grow quite large. In my aunt's house ,where we stayed during our trip to Kulhudhufushi , there was a large kunaaru tree and my husband climbs up the branches on to the roof the house to pick these.  But  for us  and kids we  used long sticks and whack the poor tree with it and the fruit falls down on the ground.

My son and my cousin whacking the kunaaru tree  with a stick
Kunnaru has a sharp , tart taste but the tartness mellows  as it  matures.  Once it turns brown it gets slimy and can be quite unpleasant to some, although I used to love them when I was small. The flesh is white with a small hard seed.

  In my home especially on Friday mornings( that is if we have any Kunnaru in the house) or when going on picnics in Kulhudhufushikunnaru is mixed up with unripe mangoes and unripe papaya along with chillies and lime juice into rihaakuru, a local fish paste. Its super hot, bound to get you sweating, but still enjoyed even with all the chillies added in. When I say chillies I am not talking green chillies I am talking about the fiery hot scotch bonnet chillies.

Through recent years I have seen various forms of Kunnaaru from overseas, the ones from India and Pakistan are  more oval , and the ones I saw in Thailand are larger more green apple like and more sweeter than the local ones.  These have now become quite popular in the local shops .


  1. one fruit that my umma loves a lot...

  2. Love this fruit very much, missing it here.

  3. Have never seen this jujube before. Look like the French apples that we have in the market recently.

  4. I know these...they are really sour and refreshing!

  5. Never seen this before..would like to taste it..

  6. Such an interesting fruit...I have never seen it before.
    Thanks for the post Nammi...hope you are having a great week :D

  7. Have never seen this fruit but it looks so good! I like how your son and cousin harvest them, looks like fun!
    Hope all is well, have a great week!

  8. Love this fruit a lot....... !!!!


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