Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Muhbehdhi ( dhal and tuna fritters)

I used to think muhbehdhi and kavaabu were the same thing, until I decided to check it out from the local cookbooks I have. It turns out it is a mix between kavaabu and mugu kavaabu. Unlike mugu kavaabu, muhbehdhi uses soaked dhal where as in mugu kavaabu the dhal is cooked before it is used. And muhbehdhi also uses rihaakuru in the mixture. 

To those who are wondering what on earth I am talking about , kavaabu is a tuna fish fritter that is eaten for tea time. Another easier version is known as mugu kavaabu ( I say easier because you dont need coconut in this one and for me it is easier to make especially when living abroad). This muhbehdhi is  similar, has been around for ages, uses soaked dhal, soaked rice, and tuna along with a dollop of rihaakuru ( tuna paste). It did take me a while to adjust the recipe to serve a small family but hopefully the flavors are all balanced. 


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