Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Adh. Dhigurah

My hubby has this new found talent of springing little surprises on us. This year he announced we were going to visit Dhigurah, an island found in Alif dhaal atoll about 2 and half hours ferry ride away from Male' city.

Even though hubby was going on a health camp trip, the family was invited over so it was a work and holiday trip.

Dhigurah is a beautiful island with probably one of the best beaches I have seen so far plus the beach is very clean. In most inhabited islands, the beach can be really messy but here the Islanders and the guest house owners make sure the island is well kept and clean. So for me, it was a happy sight.

Did I mention a very clean beach? gorgeous isnt it

Even though Dhigurah is quite a big island it has a small honest community. The Islanders keep to themselves but we get the  smiles and hellos when we pass them on the streets. I am also glad that most tourists were very considerate with the fact  that they were living on an inhabited island so stuck to their skimpy clothes only on the designated area rather than frolicking around the island in them.

The quiet streets of Dhigurah

Anyway, we stayed in a guest house called Ufa escape. The place is a quaint boutique style guest house, with  6 rooms and a lovely restaurant and spacious garden.

 I love guest houses like this rather than the hotel style ones. The kids have loads of space to run around although mine took full use of the football pitch in front of the guest house rather than the garden. But it is a good place to stay if travelling with small kids.
guest house garden
The food was ok, breakfast was great as we enjoyed Roshi and freshly made mas huni. The other meals were ok, I think the chef was a bit health conscious or seem to have forgotten his salt, but other than that, meals were pretty good.

A short walk from the guest house leads to the beach.

On Friday afternoon we decided to walk to the thundi or the sand bank found at the tip of the island. Even though when you look from beachside it doesn't look that far and the boys wanted to go through the vegetation rather than take the inside road. It took us 1 hour to reach!

The boys loved this route we took to head to the Thundi. Sometimes have to take an unknown route :) 

By the time we got there then took a dip in the gorgeous beach in that area we were bone tired. But then again still had to walk back another 1 hour. I literally couldn't feel my legs when I went to bed that night. The next day we spent a lazy morning on the beach.

Dhigurah, apart from being a beautiful island with a lovely and strong community of just roughly 500 people, is also a well-known diving spot. Especially if you want to spot a whale shark.

We took the ferry from Male' city to Dhigurah. From what I learned ferries leave Dhigurah to come to Male' in the morning and leave in the late afternoon to return to the island.  If traveling by sea is not your thing, Maamigili airport or Villa aiport in Maamigili is about 20-minute speed boat ride, we came back via Flyme airlines which flies to Maamigili.


  1. What a beautiful and clean island! I bet you all had a great time together.

  2. Such a beautiful island! I have always wanted to come to Maldives... InShaAllah... :)

  3. How beautiful! A real paradise!


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