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Saturday, November 3, 2018

How to make a printable recipe card - Great tool for food and recipe blogs"

I have been a food blogger for almost years. Over the years I  have often wondered why I haven't used a neat recipe card like I have seen in most blogs. For one reason I couldn't find one on blogger. So I tried to use WordPress and it became a big dead end to me so I decided to just stick with blogger. Then I came across Recipes Generator.

The best thing about Recipe Generator is that it can be used in Blogger! Yay.
What is more interesting about the tool is that the generated code is SEO optimized and supports Pinterest's rich pins! So it's really going to take your blog to the next level!"

It is so easy to use. I mean I could use it, and that's saying a lot. It can be done in three easy steps: 
1- insert the recipe info like ingredients, instructions, cook and prep time into the appropriate fields 
2- choose the style of the recipe card,
 3- copy and paste the code into your blog.

 The recipe cards can be customized to your preference by changing the colors to suit your blog. Below is a sample of how the recipe card would look like. You can also check out some more examples by following this link: 

Sometimes I always wanted to add was cooking time and preparation time, and it also has that along with cuisine, nutrition info, little notes and place to insert the picture of the recipe. 

So if you are a food blogger, give it a go or check it out here:


  1. Very practical! Thanks for sharing, Nammi. Happy Sunday!

  2. Great post Nammi, one of this day I will be courageous enough to add more plugins...I went through so much headaches with my blog that I am literally traumatized with changes. I really like the recipe cards...thanks for taking time and explain the this awesome tool. Have a wonderful week!


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