Friday, March 2, 2018

Salad Nicoise

So  as you might have noticed I do very few salads, but that doesn't mean I don't eat vegetables, just that eating a bowl of salad  as a meal is not easy as the rest of the family especially the husband will freak out. But I am not getting any younger , going to be the big 4-0 soon in  a years time so I  am determined to try and eat a salad bowl as a meal now and then.  I made this Nicoise salad  one afternoon,  and felt good afterwards. It was quite filling too.

Recipe: Salad Nicoise 

Serves 1

1/2 can of tuna ( or 1 if its small can), drained
4 cherry tomatoes, halved or 1  plum tomato  cut into six wedges
small handful ( about 6-8) green beans, blanched  and cut into  2 inch pieces
1 small potato, boiled and  cut into bite size pieces
6-8 romaine lettuce leaves
6-8 black olives
1 boiled egg
1 tbsp white grape vinegar ( use regular  white vinegar if unavailable)
3 tbsp olive oil
Tiny clove of garlic, finely grated
1/4 tsp dijon mustard ( or regular american if unavailable)
pinch of mixed dried herbs
pinch black pepper

Get all the ingredients ready.  Potatoes and beans should be warm so they soak up the dressing nicely.  

Take a  serving bowl, Lay the lettuce leaves  in one layer. If too big can tear them a bit.   Then arrange the tomatoes, the beans , potatoes and egg. Dot with olives.  Traditionally the tuna is piled in the middle, I just  added tuna pieces hear and there.  

In a small bowl or into a small empty, clean and dry bottle  add the dressing ingredients and give a good shake or whisk ( if in a bowl) till emulsified, that is to say its well mixed. Taste adjust the acidity to your liking, it too acidic a pinch of sugar is good idea.  adjust salt and pepper .  Drizzle on to the salad right before serving.

Toss and enjoy!


  1. I don't post many meat dishes on my blog and that doesn't mean I have turned into a vegetarian either :-)) I adore salads and veggies and we eat lots of them. Can't persuade my husband to eat cooked veggies..he prefers veggies raw. Your tuna salad looks awesome, Nammi. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love this salad, Thanks by reminds me, Im sure my daugther will love this !!

  3. The Nicoise salad looks like something I must try... sounds really delicious...

  4. E' una delle mie insalate preferite!!! Complimenti

  5. There are a few nights a week when Hubs is not home for dinner, those are the nights I can make myself a big salad. This one sounds delicious, lots of interesting ingredients I wouldn't normally think to put in a salad.


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