Sunday, June 4, 2017

Passionfruit Delicious

I love passion fruits and best of all its something thats grown here in Maldives.   I  love the smell and the sweet sour taste of it and the crunch of the  seed. My sister and I used to just open the passion fruit , take the pulp and mix in some sugar and just enjoy spoonfuls.   My hubby and I  attempted to grow a passion fruit  vine  on our tiny balcony. Its  amazing how the tendrils just wrap themselves around anything that comes its way so it can anchor it self to it   as it grows.  Did you know you can even eat the leaves?!?

I have done the  Lemon Delicious pudding a couple of times but lemons are pretty expensive  but passion fruit , as you know its available all year around and locally.  I tried one on Australian Womens Weekly Magazine but it had coconut milk in it and I didn't really like it, it was nice but   not like wow, and I am the kind of person who goes for the wow factor when it comes to desert.  So I decided to use this lemon delicious recipe  and used passion fruit in place of the the lemon. I just love this  pudding, you don't need a sauce to go with it as a delicious

Recipe : Passionfruit Delicious Recipe , recipe adapted from Lemon Delicious recipe Found in Olive Magazine

50g butter
200g sugar
about 3 passion fruits
3 eggs separated
50g flour, sifted
250ml milk

Preheat the oven to 180- 200 degree Celcius.  Lightly butter a 6 cup capacity oven proof dish  and set aside.

First take a clean , bowl, rub some  a cut lime and then wipe with a  tissue. Add the egg whites and whisk till   stiff. ( use a electric beater, a clean dry one).

In a separate bowl . beat the butter, sugar ,  till light and pale, can use a hand whisk or go the easy way by using an electric one.

  Cut open the  passion fruits, and add into a measuring jug or cup, you should have 100 ml  of juice, usually two plump fruits gives . I said three as a just in case.  Add this mixture into the  butter mixture  along with the egg yolks.

 Then add  a spoon full of flour , then milk then flour and milk, alternately till  you use up the said amount of flour and milk and are   well  mixed.

Now add  half the  egg whites   fold it in till well mixed , then the other half of the egg whites, be gentle when folding.

Pour the batter into the  prepared baking dish.  Place the baking dish in a larger deep baking  tray , take it over to the oven , and then pour boiling hot water into the baking TRAY (NOT THE  PUDDING DISH) till the water comes up to half the  pudding dish.

See,  the pudding tray is kept inside the metal tray and add the water  into the metal tray   

Carefully place this in the hot oven and bake for  45 - 50 minutes, depends on oven .  It can even be less than   45 minutes, just look out for a golden  cake like top .

Remove carefully from the oven, take it out from the tray and let it cool slightly. You can chill for an hour , and serve,  or even  warm. I just love the yummy sauce that gets forms at the  bottoms Absolutely Delicious!


  1. I totally love the unique aroma of passionfruit. This looks so yum, Nammi.

  2. So true about the passion fruit tendrils - we do not need to provide them support - they grab almost everything they find on their way.
    The pudding looks wow!!

  3. I nevee knew the leaves are edible! And passion fruits are best at a certain ripeness! I love as is or with iced tea! I even got to have passion fruit warm tea at a yoga centre and have been dying to have them again. This recipe looks and aounds delicious nammi! Sadly i have not sighted passion fruit here!


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