Sunday, March 26, 2017

Summer Island

Its a bit depressing these days after coming  home from a trip to my hubby's island. Flu is still raging on and listening to news is making me sad. Keeping the boys away from school for this week. Hopefully will return back to school next week and this flu calms down by then. Till then , lets look at some  nice beach pics and  be happy for being happy and healthy , those who are battling the flu, sending prayers and thoughts your way and wishing you all to get well soon.

 My little guy turned 10 last month. We don't make a big fuss over birthdays,  I usually cook his favorites on his birthday , or go to his favorite place to eat. Celebrating with parties has become a big headache for me as the cousins list seem to grow and I like to stick to details and always end up bone tired by the end of the day. So I like to make  more of a just us 4 kind of day for birthdays now and the boys don't  seem to mind.

So since my little guy was turning 10, I decided to head to one of the resorts near Male'. Having being to Bandos several times, I wanted to go somewhere new but within our budget.  After much searching and discussion with few friends I  heard about Summer Island, just 45 mins speedboat ride from Male'.

By the way my reviews of places I visit are completely mine, I don't get any credit or commisions or anything, I just love writing about my experiences with the hope that it helps others.

I have to say  I was very impressed the way they were able to squeeze in my request for  a room in the last minute , so many thanks to Mr Thaufeeq at the reception.

We headed out on Friday morning ,a lovely calm day.  The sea was so calm, so the ride was quite enjoyable . We took a one night full board package and were given a lovely superior beach room. The room was small but clean and airy with the bathroom  having a half open roof, so you get some sunlight to dry your swim suits.

Since its a beach side room the room opens to a lovely view of the beach. Its just a minutes walk to the beach you get to enjoy the gorgeous beach while sitting on the deck chairs under the shade of the  coconut palms.

We spent the Friday on the beach and Saturday morning we  checkout the pool.  A small infinity pool is found next to the bar and restaurant. One other thing my little guy loved was this hammock they had put up in the middle of the lagoon!,  Since he was  good swimmer and the tide was out he was able to swim up to it and take a rest .

B'day boy decided to take a little snooze :)

The resort also had  badminton court and table tennis table , the boys wanted to try badminton but couldn't play much as  both  of them had trouble trying to serve the ball but it still was quite entertaining and fun family time.

The one thing I enjoyed the most was the quiet! The silence and the occasional bird and crows, and a very friendly stork.

You have no idea but the sound of waves is actually very soothing.
  My only complain is the food, it was just ok.....  not much choices, but had a few lovely desert choices. We had our meals at the Samuga Restaurant so , don't know about the others

Over all , it was a lovely weekend, and my little guy  was happy, which for me makes the perfect birthday.

You can check out more about Summer Island Here.


  1. The water is so clear and the sky so beautiful! Glad to know that you had a great weekend, Nammi.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful place to celebrate a birthday. The water is so clear and beautiful.
    Belated happy bday to the bday boy.

  3. I hope the flu settles down... it's the same in Kerala whether summers or monsoon, once it sets in, everybody is sick... :( I love the place you have chose to give your boy a good time... My elder girl also turn ten in the next two months... they are growing up so fast, aren't they? I just love how blue and beautiful the ocean looks... Male is really beautiful!

    1. Lol this is not Male' dear this is a resort near Male' . Male' is chaotic and full of concrete and rubbish. 😕😐

  4. really beautiful ! the place I would be happy to stay now ♡♡
    love the view and the water and love swim ...

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely break!! The place looks beautiful and the weather perfect too!


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