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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Green Mango Granita

Mangoes are delicious , and here in Maldives Mango is a well loved fruit. There are ripe ones , green ones ,tender green ones, where you can slice right through the seed .  My hubby once went on a trip to L. Gan  on a work trip and came home armed with , not one but two big boxes of green unripe mangoes. After distributing them to everyone, I wondered what I would do with them. I love green mango juice but was in no mood for juice. Since it was  a hot day .....

I decided to make a granita instead. Granita is a lot easier to make compared to ice cream , just need to scrape the juice so you have ice crystals, which is then served.

Recipe : Green Mango Granita

600g green unripe mangoes, peeled and sliced
Sugar syrup : 1  1/4 cup sugar
                       1 1/2 cup water
2 cups water

Make the sugar syrup by boiling the water with the sugar in  , till the sugar dissolves and  , simmer for 5 minutes and remove.  cool .

Pour half the sugar syrup along with the mangoes and water into a blender and blend till smooth. Taste add more sugar syrup and blend again.

Strain the juice through a sieve and squeeze out all the juices . Pour the juice into a metal tray, square or rectangular ones are best when it comes to putting into freezer .

Pop in freezer . After 1 1/2 hours take it out and using a fork scrape the now starting to freeze juice. Level it  a little and place back in the freezer.

Repeat this process every hour for 4 hours. Can serve after 4 hours or  if serving much later, place in fridge section for half an hour before scrapping out frozen juice crystals.  This granita  is not something you scoop out, you scrape it up and enjoy the icy treat.

Perfect to be enjoyed on hot days!


  1. so the green mango isn't the unripe mango, but a kind of mango? Your granita looks refreshing!

  2. look delicious ! I love mangoes!!

  3. I always associate green mango to savory even though I heard the juice is too good. Granita with green mango! that is new to me and something I would like to try for F. Hopefully, I should sight some green mangoes!


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