Friday, March 3, 2017

Egg filled Buns

I once saw this on Pinterest when I was searching for ideas to make my little guy eat eggs with a bit more enthusiasm or at least with minimum gagging. I loved the idea of these cute portable vessels where all good things are packed in one, eggs , veg and of course inside the bun.   I used burger buns , they did end up getting a bit soggy at the bottom but not so much, so I lined  the tray with some baking paper.
  I used turkey strips , something the boys love,  but if you can't get hold of them (use any form of  deli meat you like, or even some thin slices of luncheon meat , ( brown them a bit in a frying pan before using).

Since some of the bread is removed  to create the hole to put the egg, dont throw it away, place in a plastic bag and pop in freezer to use to make fresh breadcrumbs.
This is something the boys enjoy, even my little guy who eats it without much of a fuss.  Yess!!!

Recipe : Egg Filled Buns ... recipe inspired by various egg filled bread recipes on Pinterest

4 Burger Buns
100g turkey strips ( or use chicken and parsley Roberts luncheon meat rounds, about 8 would do, two  thin slices for each bun)
Handful   of baby spinach
Hand ful of freshly grated  chedder cheese
4 eggs
salt and pepper
a little olive oil ( optional)

First, preheat oven  180 degree C. line a baking sheet with baking paper , if you don't have baking paper rub a little butter or oil

Using a sharp knife, cut the top of the buns and hollow out the bottom half,  You can save the hollowed out bits of bread for another day in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer. ( I like to use the lid when serving, The boys eats these up like burger buns after placing the top half of the bun back on. )

Anyway , arrange the turkey strips inside the buns like this, that's about 3-4 strips per bun.

Then a few spinach leaves,  and finally  crack the egg over the  spinach.  Season with salt and pepper and top with cheese.  For my little guy I whisked my egg first before adding  it in.

Pop them  onto the prepared tray and  bake for  about  10- 15 minutes, till egg is cooked through but still has a bit of wobble in the yolk.

Enjoy these warm !


  1. They are so delicious and make a fantastic breakfast, Nammi.

  2. This is just an amazing idea... and did the little guy eat his eggs? :)

  3. so interesting not just for kids! I would love to have this way too. :-) We have to ensure to get uncut burger buns.

  4. Honestly, I haven't tried this and you've just tempted me to do so. happy weekend dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. Quite a good one for kids. This can be done with a number of modification to suit the taste buds:)

  6. This looks like something my kids would eat without complaining too. :)

  7. Priya @asmallbite
    Too tempting,fantastic share...

  8. I definitely will try this Nammi...looks delicious and perfect for a weekend brunch.
    I hope you are having a nice week :)

  9. Wow this looks so so good.
    Have a great day.



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