Sunday, November 6, 2016

BBQ Chicken Pizza

 My little one has been battling a very high fever for  a few days so have been busy taking care of him. Its horrible when kids fall sick, and little guy is a bit annoyed cos I keep making him wash his hands and preventing him from jumping into his little brother's bed, in order to avoid little guy from getting sick as well.
This post has been sitting in my draft for ages , so finally posting it.My hubby once bought this book for me called Sandra Lee Semi Home made : the complete cook book.       He said the food inside looked nice,. Yes, the recipes had everything coming  from the packet but I have to say some of them were quite handy in giving me ideas  to try new recipes.There was a section on Pizza and Pasta,  and this pizza recipe caught my attention.
The boys didnt like it but  hubby and I enjoyed it.  Try and use fresh pineapple as the canned ones release too much juice and makes it soggy.

Recipe : BBQ Chicken Pizza   adapted from  the recipe BBQ Chicken Pizza from Sandra Lee's semi home made : the complete cookbook

1 chicken boneless breast piece ( cooked [season with a little chilli powder, pepper, salt and bake or panfry] or use any left over chicken from a roast)
2-3  slices fresh pine apple, cubed
1/2 a red bell pepper, skinned, sliced thinly
1/2 cup bbq sauce ( I used American Garden Brand BBQ sauce)
Chilli flakes 1/2 tsp
pinch dried thyme
pinch ground black pepper
olive oil
a  mix of mozzarella cheese and Chedder ( preferably smoked chedder) or you can use the pizza  cheese mix
Pizza dough ( for 1 pizza)

Preheat your oven to the hottest you can get.   Place your  pizza pan inside to heat up.

Shred your chicken, Mix in 2 tbsp of the BBQ sauce and a pinch chilli flakes, and thyme and pepper. Set a side.

Take a piece of aluminium foil big enough to roll your pizza , drizzle with a little olive oil and spread your pizza dough on it .

 Into your remaining BBQ sauce add the chilli flakes, pepper and thyme and mix well. Spread this all over the pizza dough.

Arrange the  chicken  and bell pepper and sprinkle with cheese.

Take the heated pizza pan out and slide the prepared pizza by holding the ends of the foil and plopping it carefully, with the foil onto the  hot pizza pan. Pop back into the oven and bake for 10- 15 minutes till the cheese is melted and bubbling, cool slightly before cutting into slices.


  1. I hope your boy feels better now, Nammi.
    The pizza with bbq chicken and pineapple sounds and looks droolworthy. Happy Sunday!

  2. Pineapple with chicken on a pizza! Interesting! We have been posting unusual combos isnt it? ;-P I definitely inspired to try this combo. InshaAllah! My nephew used to fall sick quite often after he started school.. it takes time to build immune. Hope he is doing well now..

  3. First of all it is so nice of your husband to get you a cookbook, mine would never do that! :D This is like more a Tropical style pizza with the pineapple, looks delicious!

  4. Hi Nammi,

    Hope that your son is feeling better now. This BBQ pineapple chicken pizza look yummy... I wonder why your boys didn't like it :p


  5. Sorry to hear that your little one is sick. I hope he is better now. This pizza looks very good. Sometimes it is nice to have an easy recipe especially when the kids get sick.


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