Thursday, October 6, 2016

Savory Spinach And Shitake Mushroom Oatmeal

On school days I have the breakfast  around 6.30 am with the boys and hubby. Usually its just toast and coffee. Then its off to school for little guy, hubby  heads off to work and then its study hour for little one and me before he sets out for preschool at 10.
Once little one is in school and by the time I reach home, a good 10 minute walk from his school, I am hungry and  this quick meal ( trust me on this  , its actually quite easy) , turned out to be a healthy and filling little bowl for me to enjoy my " me time" ,before I start on prepping lunch. I love  dried Shitake mushrooms, although fresh button mushrooms also go well  in this.
 I used Kelloggs Oats, which is a kind of quick cooking kind, which takes just 5 minutes to cook. The  mushrooms need only 10 minutes to soak in hot water , sometimes I use fresh spinach if I have any or its usually thawed cube of frozen spinach.
Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Recipe :  Savory Spinach And Shitake Mushroom Oatmeal inspired by  Game Changing Savory Oatmeal recipe

Serves 1

1/3 cup Kellogs oats
3/4 cup water
pinch salt
2 cubes ( about 50g) of frozen spinach , thawed and water squeezed out or handful of baby spinach
1 clove garlic, chopped
4 -5 dried shitake mushrooms ( or fresh button mushrooms),
1 red chilli, sliced
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
ground black pepper to taste
2 tbsp oil

Heat some water in your kettle and then pour it over the mushrooms ( place the mushrooms in a bowl) and let them soak for  10 minutes. Once the mushrooms plump up and soften , drain the water. Cut off the woody stems and slice into slices.

In a small sauce pan,  add the oats and  water with a pinch of salt and bring to boil and let it cook over a medium heat. you might need a little more water, maybe another 1/4 cup.

While the oats cook,  prepare the mushrooms. In a small frying pan , heat the oil with the garlic. Dont let the garlic burn. Once the garlic starts to sizzle and release their aroma, add the mushrooms and saute' for a few minutes, and a tablespoon of water , cover and cook for 1-2 minutes.  Then remove the lid, add the spinach ,  soy sauce , chillies   and a little pepper. Have a taste add salt if needed.

Spoon the oats into a bowl,  top with the  mushroom mix and enjoy.  Hope you like it!


  1. WOW! This sounds so healthy and delicious for a light meal. Perfect combo! :D

  2. A light yet very satisfying meal, Nammi.

  3. healthy delicious meal looks yummy

  4. every time you introduce new dishes..interesting..

  5. Nammi this is interesting! The me time food is what I enjoy but hate to cook for one! So these kinda simple savoury breakfast is cool!

  6. I always wanted to try a savory oatmeal! This sounds delicious Nammi!

  7. I've never had a savory oatmeal, it sounds great! I always have dried shiitake mushrooms in the house, altought I never really use them much. This would be a great way to eat them.

  8. I've made savory oatmeals several times but never thought of using mushrooms. That's such a great idea!

  9. A delicious savoury take on oatmeal! Looks delicious!


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