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Friday, September 2, 2016

Plum Tart ( Jacques Pepin recipe)

"Mumma  how come you don't  watch Jack Pepin now?" , my four year old asked me a few months back.  I had to smile, my boys used to make fun of me because I used to watch a lot of Jacques Pepin videos on You tube when the  I Heart Cooking Club  were making Jacques Pepin recipes. They would come and peep in and comment , my little one even sits down to watch.

When my hubby brought home some plums on a recent visit to Kochin , India, I decided to make Jacques Pepin's plum tart. I love plums and I love the way they soften and goes extra sweet when baked and since it was during Ramadhan ( Muslim fasting month) , it was the perfect little treat to finish the meal. Not too heavy and also easy to make. I didn't have any dried apricots, so made them without it and I forgot to add the oil into the pastry , but it still turned out good.

Recipe:  Plum Tart, recipe from Jacques Pepin's Tartelettes Aux Fruit Panaches. ( watch Video here)

Pastry :
2/3 cups flour
3 tbsp butter
1/2 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
1-2 tbsp ice cold water

4  plums, sliced thinly
an extra tsp of butter
2 tbsp sugar

Preheat oven  to about 200 degree celcius .

I  didn't use my food processor, yes I do have one but I just didnt want to do the extra washing up.  So into a large mixing bowl added the flour, sugar and salt and then grated the butter in ( butter should be cold)  quickly mix it into the flour.  Then add water a table spoon at a time till just starts to come together, the bits should stick . Pile this onto a piece of cling film and ball it up, don't knead too much.
I decided to let it rest for 10 minutes in the fridge.

After 10 minutes, I   made it into two balls and rolled it up between two sheets of  baking paper,  trying to make it as round as possible. Can make one large tart  instead if you like.

Now, arrange the plums neatly  on top, sprinkle sugar , if making two tarts  1 tbsp to each tart would do. Then dot with butter, just add little blobs.

Pop in oven and bake for  about 30 minutes, remove let it rest for a few minutes, then slice and serve.

Linkin this over to IHCC's  Pot luck  for this month.  Click here to check out what others have cooked up :).


  1. Gorgeous plum tarts! A really perfect late summer dessert, Nammi.

  2. Mmmm! You make me crave a good plum tart now! The trees are full of them all over the village now, so I could actually go picking and make a tart! :)

  3. yummy this looks fabulous and flavourful

  4. I am going crazy just looking at it :-) :-) yum,yum

  5. The tart looks gorgeous! I love a well made tart, though I am always lazy to make the base... hehe, must considering refrigerating some...

  6. What a beautiful tart, this looks delicious

  7. I have never watched Jacques Pepin on TV!
    Your plum tart looks lovely and very delicious!

  8. So cute that your little one will watch the cooking shows with you. I miss those days! I love how beautiful the plums are arranged and can just imagine how delicious the tart is. The sweet and sour flavor of the plums with the crumbly crust...yum!

  9. I love plums and this one looks good. My little one just turned 13, I miss the 4-year-old stage:)

  10. I love how your tart looks with that lovely colour too. I want to lick it now :)


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