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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ice Lime Tea

I love ice lemon tea , but lemons are a bit pricey over here and so I used limes. There is something very refreshing about a tall glass of cold ice tea and its a great drink to serve for Iftar ( breaking fast) or  to cool off on a hot day.  I love the ice tea or Teh Ice Limau they serve in the Mamak stalls in Malaysia.
There they use these tiny little limes called  Calamansi limes with loads of ice. I have tried to make ice tea various times but usually end up with too much lime or too much tea.
I finally made it using slightly thin skinned limes,  if I used the darker green ones. the tea ended up a bit bitter. I like my ice tea sweet , the best way would be to adjust to your liking or serve the sugar syrup separate so everyone can adjust the sweetness to how much they like it.

Recipe : Ice Lime Tea.
serves 4 -5

8 thin slices Lime ( about lime, choose slightly yellow ones)
1 teabag ( I use Lipton Yellow Label)
2 cups boiling hot water
1/2 cup sugar syrup ( or to taste) * see note below on how to make sugar syrup
3 cups ice cubes

Place tea bags  in hot water and  let it sit for a few minutes  about 10 minutes, you want a nice dark amber colour , let it cool .

Take a large  jug or juice container  with a wide lid,  place the limes, ice cubes and fill it up with  the prepared tea. Add sugar syrup  , the amount I mentioned above gives a nice sweet tea, add more or less to your liking . Put the lid on and give a good shake . Let  it chill in the fridge till needed till needed.  If using a jug, I would say use a large spoon to mix , press a little on the lime slices to  get the flavour out but don't squash them too much. Taste . adjust the tastes to your liking.


Note : To make Sugar syrup, mix equal parts sugar and water  say 1 cup  each , in  a saucepan , bring to a  boil and simmer till reduced a little. Cool and pour into a clean bottle and use when needed.


  1. A perfect summer cooler, isn't it!

  2. Yes, this is the perfect way to keep you cool...
    Hope you are having a great week Nammi :)

  3. I love iced tea and always order for Peach iced tea! Back in India, it is never fresh peach, they just add the essence and I still love it. I too tried a iced tea couple of days ago.. fasting during summer or winter, I need my cold fix! :-) Lemons seem to be in abundance here unlike lime that are sold in small bundles and priced same.

  4. Nobody in the house like iced tea, and I seem to be the only one... hehe... love the simple lemon spiked tea...


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