Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hot buttered Plum Pudding ( Rachel Allen Recipe)

Now this is such an easy recipe you can do it with your eyes closed ( well almost). Its a recipe I found in Rachel Allen's Easy meals. Perfect little treat to eat when breaking your fast. The plums ooze some of their juices into the bread and it gives a yummy taste. Little bits of sugar  gives a little texture. Just double the recipe for more servings and use a larger tray or dish.

Recipe :  Hot Buttered Plum Pudding recipe, recipe from Rachel Allen's Easy Meals . 

Serves 4 or 2

4 slices of  square sandwich bread, crusts removed ( can be slightly old bread)
butter or margerine
2 tbsp castor sugar ( grind regular sugar in a spice grinder if you dont have any )
3  ripe plums

Preheat oven to about 180- 200 degree celcius, you want t moderately hot oven, if too hot the toast will burn.
Take a  square , dish or use a baking tray if you dont have one.

Butter one side of the bread and lay the bread slices , buttered side down on the baking dish.

Halve the plums, remove the stone  and slice .

Lay the slices on the   bread slices, sprinkle the sugar on top. ( its ok if you dont grind the sugar if you have the fine sugar or castor sugar)

I had slightly under plums but they turned out delicious after baking

 Pop in the oven ( middle shelf) and bake 10- 15 minutes, just dont burn the bread!!. The plums should soften and the sugar should be starting to caramelize.  Cool and serve!!! yummmm.


  1. Hi Nammi, This buttered plum pudding sounds so easy to make and looks delicious too! Bookmarked on my baking list :))

  2. Simple quick and very tasty with plump juicy stone fruit!

  3. Now that is so easy! :-P and I am sure would taste yum with the bread and caramelised sugar!

  4. This would be amazing with a nice scoop of icecream...

  5. I am a great fan of Rachael Allen and this recipe is like a breeze easy and sounds delicious


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