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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Culantro and Cuban Oregano/ Broadleaf Thyme

A few days  ago I was in the shop next door . No episodes today but I came across this rather strange looking greens.  The leaves were long, bright green with spines around the edges. The packet said it was parsley (!!!!),
 I decided to buy it , it was pretty expensive too. Came home with a bunch and googled parsley. But when I googled parsley I got either flat leaf parsley or the curly parsley.. after much digging I finally came across across Thai parsley.....
. Its most commonly known as culantro , has a flavor going towards cilantro rather than parsley but you dont get that heady smell that you get as you get in cilantro.  Its usually used in Thai food and more often in Caribbean food. (I wish they brought regular parsley instead.)

Cuban Oregano or Broadleaf thyme

Ok,  next up, Cuban Oregano .  Its also known by various other names such as Spanish oregano, Broad leaf thyme as it says here.When I was still in Malaysia my sister  told me she was growing oregano. I was a bit surprised to hear this as I thought oregano grew in slightly colder climates not in the tropics. Came home to discover these rather large leaved plant that had a very strong fragrance.  The leaves were heart shaped with slightly velvety feel and it was quite easy to grow as well.  But it was more stronger in  taste than oregano.  But i think it would be ok to use maybe one or two leaves ( as its quite strong in smell and taste as according to the  report here. Its very easy to grow as well.

I found this recipe that used both these herbs and a whole lot of herbs and used it on some chicken legs and baked them. Was pretty delicious.


  1. I heard of culantro before but have never seen it in the stores here! I would love to try both of these!

  2. I have never seen culantro and cuban oregano over here...definitely have to look out for them in the garden market next week.

  3. Thank you, Nammi. This is interesting to know. :D
    I have never tried cooking with these ingredients ..yet. I am like you - having to google up on more information about the greens I buy because, at times, the name on the label is incorrect ;P

  4. Seeing these for the first time... good to see you exploring the greens... I am really scared to do that most of the time... :)


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