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Monday, April 11, 2016

Avocados ( How to know when they are ripe)

When I was growing I had no  idea what avocados were  as they weren't something that was found in Maldives, but recently its started to appear in the markets and its usually nice and bright green. It was while shopping in my usual store when I overheard a customer ask the salesgirl if the avocados were going bad? She was holding what I would say a fully ripe avocado nice and brown but  as usual the sales girl was clueless .

Anyway,  it was until recently that even I figured out that avocado has to be a nice brown colour to be ripe. So  I bought two varieties, the popular Hass avocado from Australia and a smooth skinned one from Sri Lanka.  The Hass was already fully ripe when I bought it ,while the Sri Lankan one was green.

I used the Hass Avocado to make some sandwiches and placed the green avocado in a paper bag and kept it in the kitchen counter,  ( if you don't have a paper bag wrap  in newspaper).  It took about 3-4 days to fully ripen to a nice brown but firm!. But you have to be careful not to let it get too brown and soft, as its really gross inside all mushy and blech!. When you touch from from outside the flesh should feel slightly firm. The flesh  inside should be a nice light green and creamy texture.

Avocados make a great lifesaver in the kitchen and is good for you.  Its one of the first foods  I gave my boys during weaning days, as I discovered babies love avocados maybe , because it has a mild sweet taste and quite creamy, and you just have to mash it up with a little breast milk or formula and its ready for your baby to eat.


  1. Have never seen the smooth one over here...did they taste the same?

    1. The smooth one has a nice creamy flesh as well a bit more milder i think

  2. I am seeing the smooth one for the first time... we always get the other one and it is from Kenya, and they are always stiff when we buy. I keep them out and it gets done in a few days. Like u said, they become too ripe, then you get a black interior, but believe me, you can use them in bakes and they work really well! Avocados was also one of the first foods I started for my girls as well...

  3. You reminded me of the avocados from Brazil...they are the smooth kind one...I love avocados...
    Have a great week Nammi :)

  4. Molto bello il tuo blog, complimenti!

  5. Molto bello il tuo blog, complimenti!

  6. Ottimi consigli..e complimenti per le tue ricette!


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