Friday, November 27, 2015

Lazy Day Sandwich


There are days I dont feel like cooking. Especially  doing the washing up afterwards.  Even though the boys now help in the wiping and putting the dishes away, I still get days where I just want to be out of the kitchen in 10 minutes. Yes ,just because I am a stay at home mom doesnt mean I dont do anything.

Anyway, these sandwiches have become a big favorite, even though a visit to the deli, is a bit expensive ,these go down pretty fast and is very filling.  Its got a bit of everything, the carbs, the protein from the cheese and  salami, and the vitamins from the spinach and the mustardy kick.

Recipe : My Lazy Day Sandwich

150g Turkey Salami ( I ask the deli girl to slice them slightly thicker than her usual thin slices)
Nice handful of Baby Spinach
Cheese Bread
Mustard (I used the american mustard)

Slice the bread in half , spread some mustard generously on the bottom half of the bread. 
Add layers of salami, overlapping each other. 

Then add the baby spinach leaves. 

Top with the top half of the bread. Cut the bread into 2 ,  4 or 6 portions and serve. Enjoy! 

This is going to be my last post for this year, its school holidays and going to take a month long break get my batteries charged :) .  Enjoy the Holidays and See you all Next Year, Insha Allah!!! 


  1. A great sandwich for every day, Nammi.

  2. Hehe... everybody wants a really lazy one sometimes... :)

  3. looks tasty and I hear you its hard to cook every day

  4. Hi Nammi,

    It's nice to enjoy these sandwiches without sweating in the kitchen :)


  5. healthy sandwich vch is easy to make any time.

  6. I hear you, I don't cook everyday either, it's really hard. This looks yumm

  7. Hi Nammi,
    We love sandwiches every now and then too! Turkey salami sandwiches sounds yummy!
    Wishing you and your family Happy New Year!


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