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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Roast Chicken

For this weeks's IHCC theme , we have to cook a Jacques Pepin's dish that I would make  as the Dish of the Day... for me nothing is more special than a deliciously cooked roast chicken.  So for this week end I made this deliciously simple roast chicken recipe I found ( yes  its in a men's magazine, I googled it).  What is very interesting is that there is no extra fat used, he used the fat that was found in the thigh of the chicken , heated it so that the fat melted. You cant make a roast chicken more simpler than this.
Recipe : Roast Chicken recipe from Jacques Pepin's Ultimate Roast Chicken recipe.

1300g whole chicken, skin and all
generous helping of pepper
For the sauce: 1 cup water, salt and pepper

Remove the fat found under the skin of the thigh.  Chop it up and add to a hot roasting pan or oven proof , large frying pan.

Preheat oven to gas mark 5  about 200- 220 degree C.

Pat the chicken dry .Remove the wish bone of you like. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, inside and outside.

Once the fat starts to release the oils  add the chicken, one side of it. Sear  one side and then turn it to the other side. Sear another 5 minutes on that side. Pop in the oven.

Change the position of the  chicken every 15 minutes , and finally on its back to finish off .  After 45  minutes, check for doneness by slicing through the thickest part , that is thigh and drumstick . If the juices run clear, meaning no blood, then its done. Baste in a little fat and remove.

Place on chopping board and cover loosely with foil and let it rest 10- 20 minutes.

To make the sauce, remove the fat in the pan that was used for roasting into a bowl. Place the pan on the stove top and heat till the fat stopped splattering. Then add water and swirl it around, rubbing a wooden spoon to remove any bits and pieces at the bottom. Simmer till slightly reduced. taste add salt and pepper if needed and a teaspoon of the fat removed.  Switch off.

Carve the chicken and serve drizzled with the sauce.

Serving this up at this week's IHCC event ,Le Plat du Jour.....


  1. Love roast chicken! Properly done -- and yours is -- one of the best dishes going. This is great -- thanks.

  2. A favourite, Nammi. Your chicken looks really tender and juicy.

  3. Amn't I drooling at that? Such a beautifully done chicken roast!

  4. Such great color on that chicken and I love how simple the recipe is. Great pick!

  5. Never thought of using the chicken fat to sear the chicken. Once you described it and roasted it, it makes absolute sense. Good recipe and great job!

  6. Ok, this sounds and looks like the most glorious roast chicken EVER! A whole new approach to using the fat from the thighs. I simply must try this!

  7. Hi Nammi,

    I'm amazed that there is just 3 ingredients to roast this chicken and it looks so professional roasted.



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