Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sardine Curry Puffs

In Malaysia they  have these beautiful curry puffs with a ring design on the pastry. At first I used to think it was the  curry puff cutter or perhaps its puff pastry  that is used   for the pastry, but it was until recently I saw the curry puffs Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. She used two kinds of dough and they are mixed and rolled in such a way that you get rings. I used sardine filling cos I live the sardine buns I get from the bakeries  there.

Recipe : Sardine Curry Puff ( pastry  recipe from Zoe's  Spiral Chicken Curry Puffs recipe)

For the filling you need:

1 (215g) can of sardines in tomato sauce
200g potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 medium onion, chopped
1-2 green chillies finely chopped
8 curry leaves
1 tsp curry powder
juice of 1/2 lime
corn oil or sunflower oil or any other flavour less oil

Heat oil,  about 2 tbsp,  add onions and soften along with the curry leaves.  Add curry leaves and cook  1 minute stirring continuously.

Flake the sardines  in along with the tomato sauce found in the can and the chillies.  Stir well and cook  for a few minutes stirring so it doesn't catch at the bottom.

Stir in the potatoes  along with the lime juice and cook till the mixture is quite dry. Taste add salt to taste.  Let it cool .

Meanwhile prepare the  pastry

Water dough :
150g flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup warm water
1 egg , beaten
1/2 tbsp oil
Sift Flour mix in  salt and make a well in the centre.  add  the egg, water  and oil into the centre and mix well.  Knead to a nice round ball. Set aside and do the butter Dough

Butter Dough
35g   butter cut into cubes
75g  flour

Mix the butter into the flour and knead , its a  bit hard but it will come together so dont  panic .

Now take the  water dough first, roll it up a little to a thick fat circle.
Butter dough is placed inside the  water dough

Place the butter dough in the middle and seal the water dough around it.Make sure the  butter dough is sealed well inside.

Now dust some flour  on the work surface and roll the big ball of mixed doughs very carefully. It does pill abit, the butter dough but neaten it up a bit and carry on.  Roll into a oval shape.

Now  taking one of the ends ( longer ends) and roll the dough up like this:

roll up like a swiss roll

Turn it around so the rolled side is towards you and then roll again  into a oval shape. Repeat the process  l 2 more times ( visit Zoe's Space to check out how its done, I have added the link above) and then the last time you roll  it up  again  cut  about 1 cm discs, like this:

As you can see there is nice layer of pastry, which is going to give that nice ring shape to the curry puff.

Now roll each disc  a little more to make it thinner, add  about 2 teaspoonful of filling. Brush a little water on the edge and fold and twist the  edges together to secure it, or you can press a fork . Or you can try  making it with the curry puff mould.

Heat oil for deep frying.  Fry the curry puffs till nice and golden.  Drain on kitchen towels or paper.  Serve warm!!!


  1. These puffs look really flaky and delicious!

  2. wow looks delicious dear Nammi..

  3. I would substitute the sardine filling with chicken and try it.... looks amazing...

  4. Hi Nammi,
    Delicious looking sardine puffs! Curry puffs is definitely one of the top popular snacks in Malaysia! Great for breakfast, tea-time or as a snack! Love it!
    You have done your spiral very well!


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