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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pineapple Frosty

Its Ramadhan!!!, The Muslim fasting month, so instead of spending too much time in front of the lap top, I am going to try and cleanse my  soul this time, hopefully.
So apologies to all bloggers , who stop by and dropping lovely comments but I will visit you after a months time.
But not to worry I drafted so many recipes for this month and have decided to use my timer to just log in, post and and finish off within 15 -30 minutes . I usually end up browsing around, stopping at my favorite blogs and the time just flies by , so hence the timer. But not to worry its just for a month.

In Maldives its a tradition to break the fast with dates and a nice cold drink usually a fruit juice. So when I saw Jacques Pepin's Pineapple Frosty from his Fast Food My Way series, I knew I had to make it , well minus the rum, of course.

Recipe : Pine Apple Frosty (nonalcoholic) recipe from Jacques Pepin's Fast food My Way series. 

For 4  ( depends on the size of the glass)

1 ( 400g) can of pineapple( crushed or whole slices)
Ice cubes ( about 1 -2 cups )
Juice of half a lime
sugar (optional) I added a few tablespoons of sugar.
some mint for garnish( if you want to make it a bit fancy)

Blend everything together. Pour into glasses or chill till needed. Garnish with a mint leaf if you like.

Linking this to IHCC's Get This  Soiree Started Week.....

Have a peaceful and blessed month of Fasting to all my muslim readers and bloggers.........


  1. looks great and have a good ramadan lovely lady

  2. That sounds delicious and incredibly refreshing.

  3. Looks very refreshing! Have a good ramadan!


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