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Friday, June 5, 2015

Making Full Use Of The Mango Season

Maldivian Mangoes are small but very sweet with a sweet perfume. They are enjoyed raw while they are still green and tart in salads and chutneys ( or assaara as we call them). Or when ripe  they are enjoyed by itself or juiced. A friend of my dad kept sending us boxes of mangoes and even hubby would come home with a bag full of mangoes  so we ended up with too many mangoes.
While sitting and chatting with my mum , and wondering out  aloud about what to do with all the mangoes, my sister suggested we freeze them. She says she even freezes other fruits such as over ripened bananas ( you can defrost and use them to make banana bread or cakes or into smoothies)

I dont know how many of you already do this but it was quite a new  thing to me. With the muslim fasting month approaching its a good idea to do this.  So in this way there is always some ripe mangoes to make deserts or to prepare juice , there is always a fruit juice to break the fast in almost all Maldivian homes.

So here is what to do :

Peel and slices the mangoes, chuck them into a zip lock bag and lay  the bag in the freezer so the mangoes and in a single layer, this prevents them bunching up and getting stuck. Pop them into the freezer and freeze.

So try this  and enjoy the Mango season a little longer.....


  1. Hi Nammi, I used to mashed the banana and freeze it but never tried on mango before. Thanks for sharing this useful idea.

  2. Thanks for showing us how to do this Nammi!

  3. I just froze some mango for the later use too. Thanks for sharing, Nammi.

  4. A lovely idea! I have never freeze mango before,! We love mangoes, and just had some after dinner today, sweet and juicy!

  5. Hi Nammi,

    This is a great idea! I will definitely freeze some mango when they are on season!!!



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