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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jacques Pepin's Chocolate Souffle' Cake

I love these kind of cakes, all nice and soft with a melt in the mouth texture.  So for this month's (June) Potluck at IHCC , I am making  Jacques Pepin's  Chocolate Souffle Cake. The first time I made this I didnt line the cake tin and it ended up getting stuck at the bottom and ended up quite messy  when I tried to pry it out  and ended up making a big mess ...
 So the second time I made this cake,  I lined the bottom with baking sheet , and it came out pretty easily .  In the recipe he makes a raspberry sauce to go with it, but I skipped the sauce part. I used 1 tbsp of oil by mistake when making the cake where as in the original recipe it said 5 tsp. But it didnt create much problem so I have stuck to it.

Recipe : Chocolate Souffle Cake recipe with a tiny adaptation from Jacques Pepin's Chocolate Souffle Cake with Raspberry Sauce

175g dark chocolate ( I usually use Lindt's extra dark  or Lindt 70 % or  Tirma 's 70% )
1/3 cup caster sugar
1 tbsp oil ( I used Sunflower oil)
75g butter
2 tbsp cornstarch ( the original recipe required potato starch ,which is unavailable over here)
2 large eggs separated
4 egg whites
icing sugar for dusting

Preheat oven to Gas mark  3 ( my oven temperature is giving me trouble so around), thats about 170 degree   celsius. Grease a   9 inch  round baking tray with a little butter and line the bottom with baking paper.

In a heat proof bowl add chocolate, butter, 1 tbsp oil and caster sugar. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water ( water should not touch the bowl) Stir the contents in the bowl occasionally , switch off once the chocolate and butter melts. Let it cool a little.

While the chocolate melts, whisk all the egg whites needed for the recipe , so thats 6 egg whites. Use a clean metal bowl completely dry and free from oil and water, and whisk till light and fluffy and stiff. Set a side.

The chocolate should be done now , stir in corn flour and the egg yolks and whisk till thick .

Gently fold the egg whites in batches till incorporated. Dont over beat and use a spatula or spoon to fold it in.

Pour the mixture into the baking tray and pop in the oven for 20- 30 minutes.
Unlike the usual cake this cake is soft , so the tooth pick test is not a way to test it if its done, just feel the top of the cake, the top should be done but soft to touch.

Remove cake and let it cool in the tin. Run a knife around the edge of the cake and carefully invert onto a serving plate. Remove  the baking paper carefully . Dust with icing sugar.

To slice the cake, plunge your knife or wash your knife with hot water and then use it to slice the cake .


Linking this to IHCC for their June Potluck Week .....


  1. Very moist and chocolatey! I would love a slice with my afternoon tea!

  2. Hi Nammi,

    This gluten free chocolate cake looks yummy!!! One slice is never enough for me :D


  3. That just seems to be calling me out! Looks absolutely sinful!

  4. Hi Nammi
    Your souffle cake looks very delicious! The perfect dessert that will bring smiles to everyone! :)

  5. This beautiful cake is exactly the kind of dessert I've been craving:) Chocolate and then more chocolate please!

  6. Nammi, chocolate desserts definitely will make everyone very happy :) I love how soft and nice your chocolate souffle looks. I want to attempt this soon when I have the chance ;)

  7. I LOVE cakes like this. Looks like it would simply melt in your mouth.

  8. Simple, beautiful and chocolaty, this is my kind of cake. I would love a big slice. ;-)

  9. This is totally my kind of cake - I need to take something special to a friend's house on Friday night - I think I've just found it :-)


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