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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Usually I use meringue to make pavlova, but I love just eating little swirls of meringue as a tasty sugary treat. When we were small my father used to bring these  cute little meringue swirls on his trips to Sri lanka and they were more crispier and came in shades of green, pink and yellow.
The meringues I am making today  are for  a   desert.  I wanted to make Eton mess ( recipe will follow soon), so I made these meringues larger more marshmellowy than crispy. I made these ahead  and stored them in an air tight container once they cooled off.

Recipe : Meringue nests 

Makes 6 large nests

3 egg whites
125 g sugar ( use caster sugar or grind regular sugar till  super fine)

First clean your bowl. I dont like to  plastic bowls to whisk egg whites,  but the melamine ones are better than the regular plastic bowls . Use either glass or metal bowls if possible. Wash and dry it well rub the cut side of a lime cheek around and one your whisks or beaters.  Wipe dry with a tissue or clean cloth.

Add your egg whites, dont get any  yolks in.  Beat or whisk with an electric mixer till it starts to get very foamy and white and stiff.

Start adding  sugar, a tablespoon at a time, whisking in between till the sugar is well mixed , then add the next tablespoon till you use up the  sugar.

By now the  egg whites will be glossy and very stiff.( as they say you can easy hold the bowl over your head , or maybe your hubby's head )  and it wont fall off.It will stay in place, the  peaks will be stiff and firm.

Preheat over  to  150 degree C  or gas mark 3. Make sure its well heated before you place your meringues. I had a tough time adjusting  when I made a pavlova with my aunt's  oven recently so keep in mind different ovens take different times, for meringues the oven should be slightly hot not blasting hot!!

Now take a baking sheet and line with baking paper ( no butter needed).  Plop 6 heaped  blobs of meringues  about 2 inches apart.  Place in the oven, and leave it there for 45 minutes. ( remember different ovens take different times!!!). But keep in mind not to open the door so its a good idea to get your oven door cleaned before you start making meringues.

After 45 minutes, carefully open the door, not yank it open!!, and check , it should be firm a little cracks is ok .  Switch off when done and  leave the door slightly open and let it cool inside the oven , about 20 minutes. Take it out and cool completely.

You can use this to make a pavlova even. Eat as it is, especially if you need a bit of a sugar rush or store it in an air tight container ( will keep for a few days).


  1. I love to enjoy meringue with fresh berries. Look forward to your Eton mess!

  2. Beautiful meringues...light and airy!
    Hope you are enjoying your week Nammi :)

  3. beautiful meringues dear Nammi :)

  4. I love these treats every once in a while! I've piped meringues into shapes and also made meringue stacks ... I think it might be very close to your Eton Mess ... I look forward to seeing how you use yours!

  5. I just love these with some berries and cream... yum...

  6. Yummy and delicious Maringues Nammi..

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