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Monday, May 4, 2015

Flat Potato Omelette

Much to little guy's annoyance, I cook eggs very often.  But I have to say after a long battle of trying various egg recipes and sneaking them in sandwiches and grating them into his rice he has finally started to like them, although he doesn't want to admit it.  This is one recipe that has won the battle.

This  recipe was in one of the episodes of Jacques Pepin's Essential Pepin . For me eggs doesn't necessarily have to be served only for breakfast,
I don't mind having eggs during any time of the day.  So I served this for dinner with some pan fried sausages.  The only thing I changed from the recipe was replacing the  chives with the green tops of spring onions as I didn't have chives.

Recipe : Flat Potato Omelette , recipe from  Jacques Pepin's  recipe from his series Essential Pepin

for 2 grown ups or  4 kids or 2 kids and 2 grown ups ( who prefer a light dinner)

 2 medium size potatoes ( about 175g), peeled and sliced ( sliced whole)
1 medium size onion, sliced
1 large tomato or 2 medium ones, sliced into rounds
6 large eggs
2-3 spring onions, green part only, finely chopped
(optional if you like chillies some green chillies finely sliced would be nice)
ground black pepper
corn or sunflower or any flavour less oil

Take a large frying pan , add about 3 tablespoons oil and let it heat it up. Add the potatoes, and let them cook , covered , add a little pinch of salt. Cook 5 minutes and then toss to turn them to the other side,  add the onions, stir a few times , cover and cook another 5- 10 minutes.  The potatoes should be turning  golden and cooked through and the onions soft.

Arrange the tomatoes on top of the potatoes . Beat the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper  and chillies if using.  Stir in the green part of the spring onions , give another good whisk and then pour it into the frying pan.

Let the eggs cook, once its almost cooked , you can either cover and cook the top or pop under the broiler in the oven ( thats the  top heater in the oven) for a few minutes  till cooked through.

Let it settle for 5 -10 minutes  and slice   and serve with salad or some sausages
Linking this to IHCC's L'Oeuf Incroyable! (The Incredible Egg!)  event . Come and check out the other delicious egg dishes everyone is cooking up for this week...


  1. This is great for any meal, Nammi.

  2. I am also someone who likes having eggs anytime of the day. Yes, and chillies. Maybe not for the little ones. Your dish looks delish!

  3. 3 cheers for Nammi! You did well to win this egg battle!

    1. He doesnt want to admit he likes them now, try very hard not to like them :D

  4. This looks delicious, Nammi! I almost made this the other day, keeping this recipe to make on another day! We love eggs anyway it is done, and if I try something new with eggs, there will always be smiles from my two kids! I know that they will love this!

  5. love a good omelette and we love eggs too

  6. I don't mind eggs for dinner either! Especially when potatoes are involved! This looks delicious Nammi!

  7. Fabulous! Since I stopped eating meat I eat eggs at least once a day and enjoy them for any meal or even a snack. I love the colors in this dish with the tomatoes. ;-)

  8. I love your idea of grating egg into rice for your little guy! I'm going to have to steal your idea because I cannot (and I truly mean cannot) get my son to eat eggs any other way. Hope it works!

    Love this potato omelette. It looks so colorful and inviting! So glad the little guy liked it:)

  9. I love this recipe and wanted to try it now! Great pick re Jacques Pepin!
    I am glad to be part of this week's challenge too!

  10. It's very hard not to like this omelette especially when it looks this good. I wouldn't admit it too :P But just keep it coming, I'll have a go at it hehe


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