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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holidaying in Lh. Naifaru

During the mid term break , we headed to the island of Naifaru , a three hour speed boat ride  from Male' City. My hubby is from that island , its  where he grew up  and his aunts and uncles and his grandmother ( yes , she is still surviving at the ripe old age of 92).
The days always started with a walk on the beach , just before sunrise, looking for shells and checking out hermit crabs and crabs busy scurrying around...


There is always something planned for the day..............

A picnic to a nearby uninhabited island of Veyvah,


a 20 minute  ferry ride to the island of Hinnavaru, the boys checked  out the dhonis and little boats on the beach there and made  pin wheels out of palm leaves, with the help of my hubby's uncle.

my little guy exploring a dhoni, with the traditional birdlike  steering wheel which is steered using your foot instead of your hands
pinwheel made of coconut  palmleaf

There was also a trip to the island of Felivaru , where the boys got to see how their beloved tuna cans were made and packed. ( sorry no cameras were allowed inside the canning area)

 Docks of Felivaru 

It was nice and relaxing change, just friendly faces and quiet island life. The boys loved the freedom to run around the street, ( no cars just a few  motorcycles and bicycles around), exploring and even tried fishing.

little fussy one with his treasures after his daily explorations 

A local group known as Naifaru Juvenile  had a turtle conservation site,  where the boys got to see the different types of turtles , the turtles  were being taken care of by this youth group  and  are  later released to the sea once they  are mature enough to survive on their own.

As the sun sets everyday , all I can say is  Alhamdhulillah,   hope everyone had a lovely holiday and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Nice to see that you and your family had a great holiday!

  2. salaam 'alaikum sister in Islam, Nammi is your name? :) interesting blog, mashaAllah, found it through another blogger's site. Looks like you enjoyed your wonderful trip :) Do you currently live in the UK or in Maldives? I have some Maldivian Muslim friends and mashaAllah they are nice people :) may Allah the Most Merciful guide us always to what He loves. Ameen.

    wasalaam from the Philippines <3

    1. Its always nice to meet a fellow sister :) and no Nammi is just my pen name, living in maldives :)

  3. Maa sha Allah, how beautiful! Would love to travel to this part of the world one day.

  4. what a lovely place sounds like a great trip


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