Friday, January 23, 2015

Tzatziki (Yogurt sauce)

Sometimes I wonder why I  blog.. yes I enjoy sharing recipes but sometimes I wonder if I sound like a snobby know it all.   I get days where myself esteem is buried somewhere under ground and I feel like a complete hopeless mess.

Okay  I will stop whining  , and going all woe is me, and post my recipe for this week ( have decided to post once a week usually Fridays ( Insha allah)as I decided to homeschool my 3 year old instead of sending him to nursery, so week days its me and my little fussy guy and week ends its mummy's blogging time.

 So, Today I present to you Tzatziki. Its a Greek yogurt sauce .
Its very similar to raita but this is made only with cucumber , where  as raitas are made with  different kinds of other vegetables and spices . Now,  this does not have chillies, its supposed to cool the palate. I usually prefer to serve tzatziki  with my  briyani instead of raita,  the boys love it as well.

Recipe : Tzatziki  (Yogurt Sauce )

1/2 cucumber
1 clove garlic minced
1/4 cup yogurt
juice of half a lime
pinch salt and pinch sugar

Grate the cucumber into a bowl. Using your hands squeeze the grated cucumber to squeeze out any  water in them.

Mix the cucumber with the minced garlic and stir in yogurt.

Squeeze in lime juice and season with pinch of salt and a tiny but sugar.  Chill before serving.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!!


  1. nice sauce.. and all the best for you and your son..

  2. We love tzatzki a lot! It's great with almost everything.

  3. I love this greek sauce.... I use it with turnovers, or salads, or jus as a dip :)


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