Sunday, July 13, 2014

Curried Rolls

Flu in the house is almost over,  now its fussy one's turn although his is  quite mild and is in good spirits . Thank you to those who took the time to stop over and all the well wishes :). My mouth still feels like cardboard.
These little rolls are sold in some of the shops that sells local snacks. I have tried to replicate it so this is my version of it.  During Ramadhan these local snacks are very popular as you need something to nibble during the night when you are feeling a bit hungry. My mum always makes one or two  savoury and one sweet snack  during Ramadhan to break the fast at the end of the day.

Recipe : Curried Rolls

Pastry : 
1 1/2 cups  plain  flour sifted
3 tbsp butter or margerine
1 egg
a little water
Filling :  
1 medium size onion
1/2 tsp grated ginger or paste
1 clove garlic
2 cans of tuna , oil or water drained
1/3 cup frozen green peas thawed ( or use canned if you dont have any  or fresh for those fortunate enough to have fresh )
2 tsp Curry powder ( I used Maldivian roasted curry powder  and once used A brand curry powder )
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp ground cumin
pinch tumeric powder
1/4 scotch bonnet ( optional) finely chopped)
5-6 curry leaves
juice of half a lime

Prepare the pastry :  Sift flour into a bowl, rub the fat in then mix in the  beaten egg. Add a few tablespoons
 ( one spoon at a time)  till it comes together . Knead and leave to rest, covered with a damp cloth till you prepare the filling.

For the filling, heat oil in a pan or frying pan, and soften the onions  til they start to go golden and caramelize. Add curry leaves and fry for an extra minute to release their aroma. Lower heat add garlic , ginger, scotch bonnet chillies ( if using) curry powder,  tumeric,chilli powder, pepper, cumin and about 3 tbsp water and cook till the raw smell disappears. Flake in the fish  and the peas into the pan and stir well, add one more tablespoon of water , I dont want a very dry mixture.  Finally taste add salt and a good squeeze of 1/2 lime juice.  Switch off and let the mixture cool.

Divide the pastry dough into about 20 small balls, roll into small thin circles. Place about 2 teaspoons of filling at one end of the circle  ( be generous, I hate bitting into a pastry and trying to find my filling, want a bit of filling in each bite, not hiding in some corner ).

 Bring the sides in , then roll from the filling side to the other end. Brush a little water on the edge and seal the end.   Repeat with the rest .

You can fry these immediately or store in the fridge till its time to eat and then fry, or freeze  till you feel hungry .
Heat a fryer or deep sauce pan or wok till hot, fry the rolls  in batches till golden . Drain on kitchen paper and serve.


  1. They are so crispy and delicious. The curried tuna filling sounds amazing, Nammi.

  2. these look great and sorry to hear that you have all been unwell hugs and best get well wishes

  3. These look so crunchy and delicious! I want to gobble them up! Hope you are all feeling better!

  4. these rolls look super delicious...

  5. Hope you are feeling better now..rolls looks very appetizing..

  6. Hi Nammi,

    Having the cardboard taste after flu... Oh dear! Hope that these flavorsome curried rolls will spice up your taste bud :D



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