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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Irufushi Beach and Spa Resort

     Last week end hubby was invited by a friend of his to visit his home island , to do some community service , that is see patients for free.   Even though I love visiting islands with him and the boys , we hardly see him as he is away the whole day to at the health centre or  hospital.  

We visited the island of Holhudhoo , which  is in Noonu atoll , via sea plane to Irufushi beach and spa and then took a less than 10 minute speedboat ride to Holhudhoo.
 Hubby's friend and two of his family members went along with us. The boys and I spent the Friday and Saturday morning  on the beach playing on the sand and the boys climbed a few sand dunes and walked across fallen palm trees and logs.One thing that really struck me the most was the people. (most of us are quite the reserved lot) The people are so nice!!!. I mean I always had someone coming over to chat, while I was walking or sitting on the beach . Just little hellos and a smile or asking which island I was from and what I was doing there. Even the kids were friendly, they would smile shyly at the boys.

Its was on Saturday we learnt that hubby's friend  had decided to  fix a stay for us at Irufushi beach resort and spa ( all expenses paid) for the night and to leave on Sunday( unfortunately had to return on Sunday morning much to the dismay of my elder son who was hoping we got to leave Sunday afternoon).  So instead of heading straight home  on Saturday afternoon, we settled down to enjoy the beautiful resort.  (Mind you I am not getting any commision or anything , as I told  in an even on an earlier post, these are all travel stories and experiences.)

We were given a pool beach  villa a treat for the boys as it had its own little pool for them to enjoy, and of course from the living quarters the doors opened to  this!!! Do I need to use words to describe the view?
my better half enjoying the view
And what a view it is!!
Water bungalows near the  villa

The resort also has lots of sea sports activities, fishing trips, island exploring, diving and a very well maintained kids club with lots of activities for kids to enjoy.
Some tourists enjoy some fun on the banana boat
Unfortunately though we hoped we would get the Sunday to enjoy the resort, (even though my little guy would miss one school day) our trip had to be cut short and return back to Male' City Sunday morning. But we had a lovely Saturday afternoon  , enjoying the beach and the pool. A lovely  dinner at Iru restaurant and  a good nights sleep.


  1. I feel instantly relaxed just looking at those photos. Beautiful and peaceful!

  2. wow looks amazing so happy you all got to enjoy

  3. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy some time with the family! Glad that you have enjoyed your weekend stay!

  4. Hi! I actually added your blog to my favorites list and look forward to get the same quality content every time I visit your blog. Thanks a lot.

  5. What a gorgeous place! Glad you got to go!


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