Monday, April 7, 2014

Storing Curry Leaves

I use curry leaves a lot. Its  one of the main ingredients found in Maldivian cooking. In the market its usually sold in big bunches so  once I buy it  I have to find ways to store it so it stays for longer periods of time.
Method 1.

Pull the leaves off its step, just hold at the end of the  sprig and pull towards the tip of the sprigs, the leaves will pull off easily.
Wash well and spread on a towel or kitchen paper and leave to dry .
Once dry store in a clean dry  glass bottle , dont back too tight.
Will keep well for 2 weeks.

Method 2.

Clean and dry the leaves as mentioned in method 1.
Once dry, take a zip lock freezer bag , size depends on how much leaves you have.  Store the leaves in the bag, loosely  and place flat are in the freezer.

 Once the leaves are frozen you can store it neatly in   any area of the freezer. Can be store like this for months.


  1. This is really a useful post. I usually follow the second method. Will try the first method now.

  2. I guess the same method can be applied to other fresh herbs too?
    Thanks for sharing, Nammi.

  3. Love that second method.This is how i store my curry leaves too.

  4. Nice and useful post Nammi...thanks!
    Enjoy your week :D

  5. I never saw curry leaves before! They don't sell them here! I wish they did. They remind me of bay leaves.

  6. Useful info dear........thanks for sharing!!

  7. Very useful... hope I will find curry leaves in Holland one day :)


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