Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Fisherman

A few weeks back my hubby was invited to  do some community service in  the  island of  Dhiffushi, an island about 45 minutes speedboat ride from the Male' City.  The island council were kind enough to invite the whole family and we were given a beautiful house to stay during our stay.

Dhiffushi is a small island with just   about 1100 in population.  It is close to  resorts  Meeru Island Resort and  Asdhoo resort   .

We stayed for the weekend, and so on Friday morning , when hubby set off to work at the health centre, I headed off with the boys to the beach.  The side we went was where some of the smaller boats docked and since the boys just wanted to play with the sand it was the perfect spot.

When we arrived at the beach, there was a fisherman  with his one crew member, who was busy selling
( or distributing) the few fish they had caught. (Most fisherman leave for fishing either at night or at dawn. Some , like my cousins in Kulhudhufushi, or my brother in law, like to go night fishing just for fun.  )

  Once almost all the fish were handed over, his crewman disappeared and the captain  , or keyolhu, cleaned his boat , dhoni, made sure everything was stored properly.

 Once finished he headed off home with a single fish, most probably for his wife to prepare for  Friday Lunch .

  I know this is not a food post, but this is just to show you part of our community, especially in the islands. Fishing industry is one of the main sources of income to our country, second is Tourism, although I think tourism is becoming more popular especially among the younger generation.


  1. lovely you know I love these posts and learning about where you live sounds like a nice wee break for you all hugs

  2. Such a nice the pictures too...thanks Nammi.
    Hope you are having a great week :D

  3. Fantastic pictures, such a beautiful place to visit during weekends.

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to spend a weekend! It's always nice to getaway!


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