Monday, March 17, 2014

Freezing Roshi (flatbread)

I got this great idea from a friend of mine. I once visited her place, in Malaysia, to find her whole family busy rolling out Maldivian flat bread ( roshi). The whole tabletop was covered with flour and huge mound of dough!. The father, husband and mother were all busy rolling and stacking them away. Seeing my open mouthed reaction they said that they made their roshi enough to last about two weeks.  For me this was a really brilliant idea as my kids love roshi and its  one of my  least  favorite things to do, rolling roshi .

So I went home  and made a batch of roshi  with 1 kilo of flour.  It was hard work but that meant I would have a nicely made stock of roshi ready to just be heated everytime I wanted to serve them. I usually make roshi for dinner maybe twice a week or on days my hubby's nephew comes over to play as he loves roshi.

Tip : Freezing Roshi

1 big dough of roshi mix ( made by using 1 kg  flour)
plastic bags ( plain) or greaseproof paper( not baking paper)

Place your  plastic bag like this:

 2. Cut the top handle part and bottom . Open up the sides and cut one side.

3.Open it up and cut into squares or large rectangles size should be bigger than your roshi. 

4.Roll out each roshi  place on top of a sheet of plastic bag on grease proof paper square.  Top with a plastic bag sheet and repeat with another roshi and continue till you use up the whole dough.

5. Once finished top with last piece of  plastic bag and place the whole batch in a large zip lock or plastic bag, tie the ends and flatten it a bit to let out any air and pop in freezer.

Now all you have to do is  when needed heat a  frying pan  till hot , take a frozen roshi , the plastic peels off easily , and pop it on the pan and cook till done.  Simple!!

I don't throw away the  plastic bag squares, I wash the used ones in soapy water , dry them or wipe with a towel and store till I need them to make the last batch. Its better to store in freezer, folded in  a empty corner or door shelf .


  1. Roshi is so new to me!!! We make our chapathis with hot boiling water, so this looks similar, just like you say the difference being the flours used!!! The idea of freezing them is great! Especially for a working mom like me, this looks like a good option to do over the weekend! Thank you so much for sharing... :)

  2. wow that is a great idea and will save time later

  3. Useful post, will try doing it this way

  4. Roshi sounds almost like Indian rotis, freezing them is definitely save our life and time.

  5. Very nice post, like the tip Nammi...
    Have a wonderful week ahead :D

  6. very useful post.. Never heard about roshi but I think it will be just like Indian roti..

  7. What a great idea! It's nice to have them on hand! So convenient for you.

  8. Hi Nammi,

    This is a clever idea... Now you will never run out fresh roshi to eat :D


  9. Very informative post.Well explained.Thanks for sharing.


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