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Monday, January 13, 2014

Saturday Bazaar in Kulhudhufushi

During my visit to Kulhudhufushi, I went to check out the saturday bazaar that opens every saturday (of course).

Every saturday, people from neighbouring islands visit the island for medical purposes, and other major businesses. Some have started to come with their produce and so along with few islanders they started the saturday bazaar ( honihiru bazaar)m a shady area near the island hospital, a few years ago and its still going very strong among the locals of the island. Everyone looks forward for saturdays ,when they can get fresh local produce.

There were loads of fresh produce, smoked tuna , bottles of pickles and rihaakuru  etc. ...  .

Local papaya (pawpaw)

local greens from far , kopee fai  , kulhafilaa fai  ,in small packs : Indian Almonds (kanamadhu)

cucumbers and yard long beans

a Maldivian favourite , scotch bonnet chillies

Kashi keyo

kulhavaa ( a rather strong smelling local produce , not sure if its a fruit or a vegetable as its eaten in both ways), passion fruit  inside the box

a local staple, smoked tuna

from afar Masaagu fai, snake gourd, green chillies , green beans  and pumpkins

tender coconuts to quench your thirst


  1. very nice to see all the fresh products and your patience to click them. The fruits and vegetables look very fresh.

  2. Lots of interesting exotic produce!

  3. this is so so cool thanks for sharing would love to try everything

  4. Have always been interested to know - how is snake gourd cooked?!

  5. Hi Nammi,

    I'm eying all the fresh coconuts... It's 40 deg here in Melbourne and for the rest of the week... Nice to relax with lots of coconut juice :D


  6. aah, nice to meet up with someone from the lovely Maldives. a beautiful place .

  7. How fun Nammi, spending Saturday afternoon strolling in the market...
    Hope you are enjoying your week my dear :D


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