Friday, November 8, 2013


I have heard of Goraka or Abihi in our local language ,a sour dried up fruit which is used as a souring agent in Asian cuisine, but I have never seen or cooked with it. I knew it was used in Sri Lankan cooking but during the  last Ramadan month  I learnt it was also  used in our local cooking as well.

It has a rather strong sour taste a bit different from tamarind.Its usually added straight away  into curry or soaked in hot water to soften and then pound to a paste  and used  to make  a marinade or curry paste.

  I bought a small packet of Goraka to try  this curry  recipe I saw  on one of the local channels . I had to buy it from a local medicine shop, something like a  local medicine man shop as its not usually sold in regular shops. I think  you can try shop that specializes in  Asian foods.

For more information click here. Will posting the recipe soon :) . Have a nice week end !!

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  1. Don't know about Goraka...but it sounds quite appetizing. Look forward to reading your recipe.


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