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Friday, September 20, 2013

Boakuri Banbukeyo ( Sweet and Sticky Breadfruit)

Breadfruit is  a starchy vegetable , probably comes from the jackfruit and durian families. I have posted a  recipe about it in an earlier posts. This time I have a sweet dish for you. Its fairly simple and quite sweet .
The breadfruit is cooked in sugar and very little water, I threw in a pandan just to give that extra perfumey aroma that the pandan leaf usually leaves when cooked. Once cooked , the softened breadfruit is left in a sweet sticky syrup.

Recipe Boakuri banbukeyo 

1 small breadfruit
2 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 pandan leaf, torn into strips and knotted. ( easier to fish it out once its cooked)

Cut the bread fruit in half, peel the skin, remove the core and place in water  so it wont brown.

 Cut into 1 inch cubes, its necessary to cut into same size cubes so they will be cooked evenly.

Place in a large saucepan , preferably a stainless steel one,  along with sugar , water and pandan leaf. Place  over a low heat, and cook covered.  Give a stir  every now and then . Once most of the water  evaporates
( after about 30-45 minutes )  ,   remove lid and   stir continously , you don't want the sugar to burn. Cook till the breadfruit is coated with a nice glossy sugary syrup. Switch off cool and switch off.  


  1. Exotic! I would love to try it some day!

  2. Sounds fabulous and very light dessert.

  3. I never had this before! Would love to try it!

  4. wow cool love our the syrup forms, new to me not sure I can find one here though

  5. I love breadfruit and we eat it a lot in the Caribbean where my family is from but I've never seen it prepared in this must taste fantastic


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