Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beach Barbeque

We had a long weekend last week . In Maldives the weekend is Friday and Saturday. So my whole family plus a few cousins and an uncle went off to Hulhumale' , a  small man made island near, Male' City  and which is also considered part of Male' city even though its  seperate by a 15 minute boat ride.  I love visiting Hulhumale' mainly due to the lovely beach and for its quiet and laid back atmosphere.

We went around 8 am, had a breakfast of roshi and mashuni( which is a mixture of tuna fish, fresh coconut, chillies ,onions and lime juice) on the beach and then swam for our hearts content, till afternoon, a special treat for the adventurers was a jet ski ride provided by one of the seasport shops group who give jet ski rides for 400 Ruffiya ( thats about 26 dollars), for a 15 minute ride.

After that it was barbeque time, Hulhumale' has a barbeque spot, at one end of the island right on the beach. ( but  I do wish people would clean up once they finish ) Everyone was having fun , and were ravenously hungry.

Now we dont have those fancy barbeque grills that you have in the west, we have a cut off metal rig  on an iron stand, with a iron frame. The  fire is started by the men of course who burn dried coconut shells which are sold at nearby shops.
bbq getting started

Dried coconut shells ready to be used to make fire

Once the shells are burnt down then the food is placed on top for grilling.  We had  sausages, fihumas, marinated chicken and sword fish skewers, and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes which were wrapped in foil and buried right on top of the coals.
swordfish skewers marinated in ginger, garlic and spices
Sweet potatoes and potatoes wrapped in foil before roasting
It was a long  day but we all had fun.
Hope all my fellow bloggers and readers have  lovely and peaceful week end.

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