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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Egg and Marmite Sandwiches

I know this is a simple recipe, perhaps even a bit wierd for some. Marmite is a big favorite at my house, my son had marmite on toasted bread cut into sticks as one of his first finger foods. This week have been busy packing and piling things up cos  we are heading home.
Yup, I am heading home, back to Maldives. Going miss this sleepy little state of malaysia, which had been our home for the past 5 years.  Its nice and quiet, no fussy people  or busy bodies who want to tell you want to do or nosing around. The people here are  freindly and generous. Its where my first born had all his first things, and my second was born, so for me I am pretty nostalgic, you know seeing places where he took his walks,  learnt to walk, and run, first school, first place he went out to eat. Better stop before I get too emotoinal and get back to the topic

My fridge is almost empty and after saturday I wont even have one. So am in a rush to finish using up everything. Since I had eggs to finish, I made myself and egg and marmite sandwich for breakfast. 

Recipe : Marmite and Egg Sandwich

Sandwich bread  or any of your favorite type of bread
Hard boiled eggs, but into thick slices
1/4 small onion, or shallot or the white part of a  spring onion, finely choppped
1 green chilli ( optional), thinly sliced
butter/margerine or a vegetable spread

1. Spread butter or vegetable spread generously, spread a thin layer of marmite on one slice of bread

2. In a small bowl, mix onion and chilli if using and sprinkle this evenly over the marmite spread slice of bread.

3. Arrange the egg slices on top, add a sprinkle of pepper, if you like, on top. Top with the remaining slice of bread and ENJOY!!

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