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Monday, September 12, 2011

Marie Biscuit Trifle

A friend of mine made this once and its  delicious.  She brought this trifle for me to try, one that she made , and  we loved it so much,  that I asked her for the recipe.
I changed the consistency a bit by whipping the cream  till thick and just begining to form soft peaks , before mixing with condensed milk.
. Fruit cocktail cans and condensed milk ( geri kiru) are both staples in a Maldivian store cupboard.  Sometimes we used to serve desert with both mixed together and chilled.

Recipe : my version of  Marie Biscuit Trifle

Small packet  whipping cream ( about 200ml packet)
1/2 cup sweet condensed milk ( geri kiru)
1 cup fruit from a can of fruit cocktail 
8-10 Marie Biscuits 
a little milk ( about a few tablespoons)
For garnish : 1 kiwi fruit, sliced  and 4-5 strawberries , halved


1.  Whip the cream   till you get soft peaks ( not stiff, ). Stir in condensed milk , fold carefully till completely mixed, dont worry if it the cream collapses a little.

2. Take a nice, large bowl big enough to  fit everything in. Pour milk into a bowl, dip each biscuit into the milk and arrange it at the bottom of the bowl. You dont need to soak it just dip and take it out.

3. Once you have arranged a few biscuits at the bottom so its completely covered, add a few ladles of cream mixture. Then add a few spoons of fruit cocktail.

4. Repeat with another layer of milk dipped biscuits , another layer of cream and fruit, finish with a layer of biscuits and final layer of cream mixture. Arrange the kiwi fruit slices and strawberries on top, chill for atleast and hour before serving.

You can even use separate desert  bowls for individual servings , which would look extra special if you are serving it for a dinner party.


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