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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

My hubby and I havent gone out for dinner  alone ever since our son was born , mainly because we moved to Malaysia for his studies and also my son loves eating out. So every now and then I try to create a " restaurant' style food and this is one that is always a winner.
Plus it looks very sophisticated. It needs a little fiddling but the result is delicious.  This recipe was inspired after watching a lot of my favorite chefs or cooking shows where they stuffed chicken or turkey breasts with various kinds of things, so I cant quite  say this was adapted from a this and this recipe. So take it as a blend of all recipes from the likes of Chef Micheal Smith, Jo Pratt, Laura Calder etc...

Serves 2

1 Boneless, skin less chicken breast ( choose a large piece, sometimes you will find smaller portion sizes)
2 heaped tsps pesto ( home made or shop bought)
2 tsps tomato paste ( use the concentrated type or can even use strips of sun dried tomatoes)
4 slices beef or lamb salami ( optional)
Olive oil

1. Butterfly and seperate the two halves as you would  do for making chicken snitzels ( check link to see how). Place between two sheets of cling film and pound with a meat mallet or a good size heavy saucepan till thin and flat, try and get it nice and flat as its easier to roll up without spilling any of the lovely filling inside. Season well with salt and pepper.

2. Spread the inside of each half with a layer of tomato paste and a layer of pesto, be generous with the pesto.

3. Then lay 2 slices of salami , if using , on each  chicken piece.
this is why you need to get it nice and flat, mine ended up a little thicker so it was a bit messy while rolling it up.
 Now, place on a foil or cling film and roll it carefully but tightly using the cling film or foil as a guide. Keep it tight and secure with tooth picks. Heat a large  frying pan with olive oil,  then sear the rolled up chicken pieces on all sides.

4.  Remove from pan onto a baking tray, add some of the pan juices in to the tray as well, and cook  for 20- 30 minutes in a preheated oven at about 190 degree celsius till done, make sure its nice and tender, not tough. 

5. Cut into  slices diagonally  so it looks nice and chic  , plate nicely, drizzle some of the juices in the pan over and around it. Serve with some potatoes such as pesto potatoes and some simply cooked  greens such as broccoli or  green beans. Enjoy!!

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