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Monday, December 6, 2010

Panfried pesto potatoes

First of all thank you for all the support from everyone :).  And also Want to wish all my muslim readers a very Happy New Year.
I love pesto,  this is a recipe I saw  once on tv by a british chef, Jo Pratt and its a great way to jazz up potatoes.   Its great as a side with roast chicken or sausages or even on its own :). 

500g potatoes
2 tbsp pesto
Olive oil
A red chilli or a dried chilli finely chopped ( optional)

1. Peel and  cut your potatoes into large pieces.  Boil in lightly salted  till cooked through but not like mushy, just cooked through. Drain  and  set a side.

2. Heat a large frying pan , add olive oil, about  2-3 tbsp . Tip your potatoes into your pan and the pesto. Toss around , leave it alone a few times so the potatoes  brown a little, then toss again.Stir in the chilli i using and toss it around. Taste , add salt  if necessary. 

Serve, goes well with chicken and meat dishes.

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