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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sausages with bell peppers , tomatoes and eggs

Sometimes I wish I was like most mums, the carefree mums, the ones who take the easy way when it comes to feeding kids. My usually food freindly 3 year old, has turned into  a fussy eater. Its not just being fussy,
 he just sits there with food in his mouth refusing to chew until the whole thing dissolves into a gooey mess and starts dribbling from the sides!!!. I have tried every trick in the book, and no its not that he hates veges, he loves most veges, just the chewing part and whole interest in food has slowed down. Even though he is a boy he isnt your typical boy who runs around all rough and all, he prefers to play with his cars and roll around. No running involoved.

What else?, I serve crunchy things with his meals like popadams, chips, cucumber, cherry tomatoes.  Even that doesnt seem to work for long. I am giving a multivitamin called appeton which has lysine to supposedly increase the appetite(  not working at all!) His weight isnt increasing and I am dredding the comments thats going to come on me when we finally go home (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!) .  I cant give much cheese as he reacts to it sometimes, he doesnt like peanut butter. Hence now I have the only option of going the easy way, the carfree one, where you sit him down in front of the tv and he will automatically open his mouth, while absorbed in it or feed him while he is playing.  I am not keen with the whole idea,  I am trying to get him to try and eat on his own and also  to be more interested in food, plus  the kid has to know what he is eating and enjoy his food , so the whole thing of feeding infront of tv  or while playing doesnt sound very ................ cant really come up with a name right now :). So, any mums out there with fussy or slow eaters, could use a helping hand here. Plus one on how to stay calm without blowing a fuse  :).

Anyway, having quite a tensed week along with slow eating he is suffering flu ( and no it didnt happen after the flu the whole slow eating thing started way over a month or two ago), hubby having a big exam coming up so I am cooking one pot meals. I know it looks a little messy but it tastes quite nice.
This recipe is something I seem to come up with  usually end of the month. Its something I saw on a magazine once. Its great for breakfast, brunch,  and in my case dinner :)  I use either Ayamas garlic sausages or black pepper sausages ( you can use fresh ones which would probably taste better than these ) As for the bell peppers , you can use just one colour or use the way I have used. 

For 2 :
1/2 a red bell pepper
1/2 a green bell pepper
1 large tomato or 2 medium ones
a small onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped finely
1 green or red chilli sliced( optional)
4-5 sausages
a sprig of fresh thyme, leaves removed and chopped or use  about 1/2 a tsp of dried herbs or thyme
about 1/3 cup water or stock
olive oil
2 large eggs
salt and pepper

1. Remove the seeds and white cores and seeds of the peppers and cut into large chunks. Cut the tomatoes into thin wedges

2. Heat a large frying pan  , once its hot add a little oil and fry the sausages  till it browns. Remove and let it cool. cut into thick slices ,  you know thick diagonal slices.

3. In the same frying pan add a little more oil ( about a tbsp)  and saute your onions and garlic till soft and just starting to colour.

4. Add tomatoes,  bell peppers, thyme and chillies, if using.  Stir fry  for a minute or two , return the sausages to the pan  and add water or stock. Stir , and cover and let it cook for about 5 minutes over a medium low heat. Remove lid , give a stir and it should be all nice and soft and the tomatoes will be turning into a nice rich pulp and the water almost absorbed by the vegetables. Taste, season with salt and pepper.

5. Make a well  on either side of the mixture , make sure there is enough sausages and sauce on surrounding each well. Break the egg ,  carefully into the hole and another to the next hole. Give the pan a shake to let the egg white flow around the sauce. Let the egg set over a medium heat. If you like your eggs well down cover and cook for a minute or two, . Before serving , sprinkle some fresh chives or greens of a spring onion , this is just optional.  Serve with some crusty bread or salad.


  1. Çok güzel görünüyor. Ellerinize sağlık.


  2. Yummy dish, feel like finishing rite now..

  3. looks tasty oh I am so sorry about your boy its a tough situation don't feel guilty about sometimes using the TV your a great Mum and trying hard. what about making smoothies or icecream for calories.
    avocado? other nut butters


  4. That looks good! Really good.

    Don't make the food an issue, it's a control thing, at least it was with my picky one!

  5. This is a very happy and hearty plate of food.

  6. This looks delicious - I could eat it anytime of the day! I'm sorry you're having trouble getting your son to eat! Kids can be picky. I wouldn't feel bad about using tv - you're doing the best you can and it won't make you a bad Mom.

  7. Nice egg dish, love how you just cook the eggs of how if looks :-)

  8. This dish sounds delicious! I love the eggs on top!

  9. I hope your week is better. I guess we all have one of those days.

    Your dish looks exactly like one I cook on the weekends without the herbs. It is yummy.



  10. low appatetite is caused by viral infection

  11. looks yummmsss..
    dear, how about using bento boxes with all those cool and cute shaped food.. it would consume a lot of your time (during the first few days) but i gues he might like the decoration and all :) feeding in front of 'idiot box' doesn't sound good.. hehe..

  12. Those eggs look so good!!!What a wonderful dish!


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