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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storing herbs

After a week's break am baaaaaaaaaaack! , Sorry was a bit busy last week, with my son's school break and also having a family in for a holiday , so had a lovely time, visiting the park and shopping and eating and even hitting the beach.  What I enjoyed the most was having a company who enjoyed food, I hate people who screw up their faces and get a too fussy over food.

I buy herbs such as coriander leaves, parsley, and mint quite  often.
  Leaves such as pandan and curry leaves can be stored by air drying them for a day to make sure all moisture is gone and then stored in a clean dry bottle lined with tissue at the bottom and then stored in the fridge. This will keep for almost 2 weeks.

For years I have been trying to find out a way to store herbs such as parsley and coriander leaves. First I tried my sister's method by storing them in a damp kitchen cloth but that didnt work. I tried freezing them but they changed colour , although it does work well with kaffir lime leaves.

I came across this tip on DK's Ultimate book of cooking hints and tips, and it actually works!!!.   So here is  how to do it.

Fill a small glass or bottle half way up with water.  Cut your herb stems at an angle , leave coriander leaves along with their roots. Place them in the container with water, making sure the stems or roots touch the water.

Cover with a small plastic bag, such as a zip lock bag or any other small bag. and then place in the fridge .Change the water every two days .

It stayed well and fresh for almost  2 weeks .

 How have  u all been , sorry as usual am way behind all my favorite bloggers.

By the way did anyone see the meat dress worn by Lady Gaga? I am not a crazed fan of hers I would rather listen to her songs than watch them. wont go  to the length of  buying a record of downloading any .Nor am I someone who stalks celebrities although I like to check out now and then about new movies coming out and award cremonies. Even though I didnt watch the show my brother in law brought the dress to my attention. Seriously what was she thinking!!! I mean imagine sitting next to a person who is wearing a dress made of raw meat, eyew!


  1. Very useful post...thanks for sharing..

  2. Thanks for the tips.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Great tips! Thanks alot for sharing. Hope you're enjoying the evening.
    Goodnight Kristy

  4. Another simple way to store herbs is to wrap them up completely in kitchen towel/Newapaper and then store them in a ziploc or any plastic bag. They keep well for 2-3 weeks!

  5. You have lots and lots of useful tips on hand.

  6. Fabulous tips, i do often like this, mostly herbs..

  7. great tips for storing herbs can't beat fresh in cooking lady gaga is crazy

  8. Hi there..
    Useful tips and thanks for sharing :)
    Just came across ur blog and had an interesting read.. :)

  9. Great tip!
    LOL, that meat dress. Anything for attention, I guess! How will she top that, I wonder?


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