Saturday, September 4, 2010

Make Your own Dried Bread Crumbs

I know what you are thinking , "everyone knows that!!!" . You see, back home in Maldives, we have dried bread crumbs sold in shops known as faaroshi kundi. This particular bread crumbs are made of sweet bread rolls , which are then toasted and sold as faaroshi. These look like rusks , dried up , the kind that can make choke but a lot of people love to eat them dunked in milky tea, or even turn it into a savory snack called kulhi faaroshi. Now these dried up bread rolls are again proceesed  and turned to fine crumbs and sold as faaroshi kundhi and used to coat fish for fryingcutlets and rolls 

Now whats that got to do with not knowing how to make bread crumbs? You see , I once had someone  asking me where she can get faaroshi kundhi aka bread crumbs ,to make cutlets.  I am sure I must have looked at her as if she had grown two heads but then again with the same story as above, you probably understand why( hopefully).  It didnt occur to her  to toast a slice of bread grind them until I decided to suggest that she try it. ( does that make me bossy? )
So to make bread crumbs  you need :

A few slices of old bread or bread rolls.  Or use a whole loaf of old bread if you want.

Toast them in an oven or toaster till  golden brown, and dried up ( now dont go turning them black). You can even put it on a hot frying pan  and toast it if you dont have a toaster or an oven.

Put it in the grinder or food processor  or in a motor and pestle and  process to  crumbs. Store in a clean dry air tight container.


  1. Wow.. is it this much simple... OMG..... till this time, i have not tried it at home... book marked urs to try it at once... thanks for sharing dear...

  2. Love fresh bread crumbs on cutlets!

  3. Love fresh bread crumbs and I too make my own bread crumbs at home..

  4. I don't know why I haven't tried it sounds so have tempted me to try it soon :)
    First time here...One lovely collection you have!
    Do drop by my space sometime.

    US Masala

  5. its so easy to make it at home itself..thanks for sharing..

  6. I seldom use breadcrumbs but if there's any left over bread I blast it in the processor and add to meat balls.

  7. I make it exactly like this too :-)


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