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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spagetti with mint and cashew pesto

I love pesto, I make my own pesto and now i prefer my pasta with pesto than tomato sauce. I made this one using mint leaves which I saw in a cook book , unfortunately i forgot the name , the book is back at home. In the original recipe it had a mixture of mint and parsley and used walnuts and instead of spagetti they used penne.

You wil need :

1 cup fresh mint leaves
a big handful of roasted , unsalted cashews ( or use walnuts if you like)
1-2 red chillies ( i know its a little crazy but it gives it a nice kick
1/3 cup parmessan , grated
Olive oil ,lots of it
2 cloves garlic
a tiny bit of salt and pepper


1. Place everthing except oil and salt in the processor, and process till everything is chopped up and mixed.

2. Pour oil through funnel part if you have one, or just add later and pulse a couple of times , i know you are supposed to add add from the side but this is how i do it.

3. Taste then add salt if necessary .

4. Store in a bottle in fridge , will keep for atleast a week or two , but make sure you add a layer of oil to cover the top so it doesnt start moulding and discolour.

5. Cook pasta , this much pesto will make for about 5 person serving , so cook enough spagetti in boiling salted water. Drain and let it cool just a little, and place in large mixing bowl. Add the pesto and alittle drizzle of olive oil, and mix well till thoroughly coated with pesto. Why i use a seperate bowl instead of the pot i cooked the pasta is that the cheese tend to melt and stick and turn all gooey.

If you dont have parmessan , use without the cheese , it still tastes great.

I made this for a two friends of ours last week end, a maldivian couple and the hubby goes after a few forkfuls, " you know i have never eaten spinach with pasta,??? I was like , er thats mint not spinach, and somehow he didnt taste the strong taste of mint but was " it tastes like spinach". Anyway we had a good laugh about his rather confused taste buds :)


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  2. That sounds simply delightful! Haven't think of what to cook for tonight dinner..... a kinda lazy! Pretty heaty over here, don't feel like eating anything. All I need is a couple of cold drinks! Phew..that would be so good! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s btw, how's your trip to Penang? Not really familiar with the place.

  3. looks good! i am cooking a full roast tonight.

    oh haha about the viper temple over at mine earlier :P

  4. Looks simply GOOD! Love the cashew nuts pesto.

  5. wow...very tempting receipe..superb da.

  6. Thats a lovely recipe, worth trying, very delicious

  7. Interesting pesto, looks awesome..

  8. oh this is a very cool recipe and funny tale

  9. Never had pesto with cashews but we like cashews, so what's not to love? Looks great!

  10. I really love pesto too! I never had one with mint - very unique and I bet very delicious too!

  11. Hey we just discovered this blog... And we had that for dinner at your place :D yay! Was delicious ... smack! And the chicken was precious too.


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