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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Pizzas

Hope everyone had a lovely mother’s day week end, eventhough I don’t think there should be just one day of the year to tell how much you love your loved ones , mothers and fathers etc .

This recipe happened quite by accident. I was meaning to make pizza but the yeast I had wasn’t working so I had to find and alternative way to make the base.
Its one of the recipes you can make using things that’s already at home instead of going to the supermarket.

6 slices bread
Olive oil
1 can tuna, oil or water drained off
1 small onion, chopped finely
2 green chillies , sliced
2 tbsp tomato paste or puree
1tbsp pesto ( if your don’t have pesto use fresh basil chopped or a big pinch of dried mixed herb or oregano)
¼ of green bell pepper ( cut into strips)
A big handful of chedder cheese
Pepper, salt

1. Using a large round pastry cutter or anything round like a small bowl or cup , cut rounds of bread of the bread slices.

Give a gentle pat on the rounds to flatten them . Brush with olive oil or vegetable oil . Bake in a oven about 180 degree Celsius, till nice and crispy and golden.

2. Make the filling by heating s a couple of tablespoons of oil in a frying pan. Stir fry your onion till they start to soften and turn translucent.

3. Flake the tuna and add it into the pan , add a good helping of ground black pepper, chillies and salt to taste and stir fry till the tuna mixture starts to turn nice and golden.

You can leave the chillies out if making for kids. let it cool .

4. Mix tomato paste or puree with the pesto . Spread this on each bread slice .

5 . Spread some of the tuna filling on each , top with chedder cheese and then criss cross with pepper strips.

6. Place it back in the oven , preferably under the grill and bake till the cheese melts and becomes golden.



  1. Looks colorful and appetizing! Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Cute pizzas looks truly appetizing and awesome..

  3. Nice idea to make pizza using bread and loved the way you have done it too, looks very delicious...

  4. Oh...bread pizzas! Look yummy :)

  5. That's such a great idea to use the bread! Looks good! Tuna is a new one for me with pizza, I am so boring, just sauce and cheese, but I do love tuna so why not?

    Hope you had a Happy Mother's day! and every day is right :)

  6. so cute little bread pizzas...truly appealing.yum yum..

  7. looks very tasty and cute. Yummy!!

  8. Hmm...yummm.... these little pizzas look amazing! I'm sure your family will love them. Have a good day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  9. Very innovative and tasty looking mini pizzas. Very creative, I must say :)

  10. Very creative! Looks very delicious too.

  11. oh looks yummy love your love for tuna we like it as well lol

  12. Yum - these look creative and delicious.

  13. That's quite innovative...They look cute and yumm..

  14. What creative little pizzas! And so yummy too! I like the tuna topping.

  15. They look so cute and delicious!!!Love the idea of tuna pizza!

  16. oh bappa made these the other day. inspired by you!

  17. Wow...wonderful recipe with neat presentation. First time here..loved your space. Glad to follow u. You are most welcome to visit my space.

  18. My mother use to make mini-pizzas on buns when I was a kid... We loved them! These look tasty :)

  19. They look perfect.I would like to have it now......
    Drop in sometime


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