Spicy Roast Chicken

It's chicken week this week, every time I make roast chicken I end up with loads of leftover chicken and I stretch it for different days of the week. Great when you are trying to save money :). 

For about 900g-1 kg chicken 
2 tsp lonumirus 
1 tbsp tomato paste or puree 
1 tbsp softened butter/ margarine/ veg spread 
Juice of 1 lime or 1/2 lemon juice 

 1. Heat oven to 250 degrees celsius. 

 2. Mix lonumirus, tomato paste, lime juice and butter in a small bowl and set aside. 

 3. Leave the skin of the chicken. Trim the fatty bits a little and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Rub salt all over it.

 4. Lift the skin of the breast and then insert your index and middle finger to make more space in the area. Take a teaspoon of the spice mix and insert it between the skin and meat.


Massage over the skin to get everything neatly in place. Do the same over the thigh area. Rub the rest of the marinade all over the chicken.

  Lay it on the roasting tin and leave for an hour to get the flavours in.


5. Roast for 1 hour. Reduce the temperature down to 200 after the first 20 minutes.

 NOTE: To put on the grill, spatchcock the chicken that lays it flat before putting the spice and cut the back bone with the help of kitchen scissors.


  1. OMG!! hat plate is so yummy!! I loved it.

    I have never dared to do a whole chicken yet...want to do it really now. Your chicken has come out so nice and yummy and soft.

    Great job!!

  2. That is so yummy and chicken is great for leftovers! I can imagine all the dishes that could be made from this.

  3. I'm sure that roast chicken tastes great with the sauce you've made.

  4. Looks delicious! We love roast chicken, even better with a fiery kick to it. Have to try that chili paste with chicken!

  5. wow.. this looks awesome.. Way to go..Thanks for sharing


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