Thursday, June 30, 2022


      Majaa literally means something like having fun or enjoying yourself.  This dish is eaten as a snack, and one that needs to be shared with a few friends who enjoy spicy food. Usually, majaa is made when going to the beach, or weekends or even when you just want to have some fun with friends. It is a salad of sorts but spicy enough to have you sweating and blowing your nose.

 It is made with half-ripe papaya ( in local terms, riseyolee falho) , unripe green mangoes, jujube or sometimes called stone apples ( kunnaaru) lots of scotch bonnet peppers, lime juice and rihaakuru ( local fish paste. 

The fruits have to be cut into small tiny cubes. That is essential and that's how it is done, and it is eaten with a spoon. Now adays so much has been tampered to this beloved recipe that it literally makes my blood boil. The first time I tasted a modernized version was in my husband's island of Naifaru, where they made this with green apples and carrots.  Then recently I saw a recipe where a whole lot of eye-popping amount of ingredients was added into this. My fear is after some time such beloved recipes will disappear. Yes I know sometimes it is okay to try new ways but certain things need to be kept how it is in order to preserve its authenticity. 

So let's get started. 

First of all,  the papaya. The papaya has to be slightly unripe. The skin is light green. Since this is a slightly unripe one you need to remove the sap before peeling and chopping it up.  Score across the skin like this and leave it for a few minutes. 

Next, peel and cut in half and remove the core. Then cut into slices and then strips and small cubes. 

The green mangoes are cut the same way, you can peel, score across the skin and cut into cubes.  I made the mistake of cutting them into larger pieces and got a good scolding from my mother who came to show me how to make this.

As for jujube or stone apple or locally known as kunnaaru, you can leave it out if you like or add it in. I prefer mine with it. Some don't like them as they tend to create a slimy majaa. 

Now to make the majaa, add the mangoes,papaya, scotch bonnet and rihaakuru and tiny pinch of salt.


Wearing gloves, mix really well. 


Taste, if you want more heat, add more chillies, and more rihaakuru for your liking. Then add the kunaaru if using. Squeeze a tiny bit of lime juice before finishing off. Serve immediately with plenty of water and tissues. 


  1. A fantastic fruit salad and so perfect for the summer! I just bought a huge papaya and am going to make a salad with berries with it.


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