Sunday, April 24, 2022

Gulab Jamun Cake


I love Gulab Jamun, but I hate making them. It was on Instagram when I first came across this cake. One of my old classmates posted this beautiful cake, a recipe by Hetal Vasavada's Gulab Jamun cake.  

But it was made in a bunt tin and I know not all of us has a bunt tin lying around the house, so I  used a 8 inch round tin. Unlike my friend who inserted something in the middle to give it the ring shape I just poured my batter into the tin and smooth it out. 

Another change I made was using a little more milk powder than Hetal's and making the glaze using just plain water rather than the sugar syrup as I found it a little too sweet.

This is the perfect dessert to end a meal, especially if you want to impress your family. Going the extra effort to peel the pistachios( it is a real pain but it made the cake look really beautiful if you can get some peeled chopped pistachios from the nut stores that would be great!).  Plus little rose petals will really make it pop. 


  1. That's a really lovely cake! Love all the wonderful spices and that spiced syrup is definitely a winning component.

  2. Great idea, flavorful and yummy cake.


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