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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Noonu. Holhudhoo

Holhudhoo is an island situated in Noonu Atoll in the Maldives. On this year's Fitr Eid, that is the eid that comes after the month of Ramadhan, we headed to this island along with my hubby's friend S and his wife and parents. They are from that island and hubby was going to see patients and we were going to have some fun.

Anyway, the weather wasn't so good even when we left via Maldivian to Raa. Atoll Ifufru airport but the sea was calm and so the 20-minute speed boat ride was quite enjoyable.
But gloomy skies and rain greeted us and so we were stuck indoors for most of the morning until I decided to take the boys out to explore. The house we were given was situated right at the beach front, so had a lovely view of the sea.

gloomy sky

 Since the island is so well kept and clean I let the boys run in the rain and splash barefoot in the puddles and play ball.
boys had fun in the rain
There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing them run wild and splash about especially the little one. Unlike most Maldivian islands, Holhudhoo doesn't have much beach area but we still headed to a small beach area, where most islanders swim. Most of them usually go on picnics to nearby uninhabited islands.

The boys made the most of the break, trying to climb trees....

or trying a juice petty ( local frozen juices that is sold in little plastic bags). The corner is torn with the teeth and the frozen juice is sucked, very mess free. We bought this from this house( Niaris) at the beach front. 5/-Maldivian Ruffiya for a juice petty. The lady had a few chairs and  a shady spot at the front garden of the house for customers to sit around if they want and enjoy a cold ice drink or icecreams or juice petty.

juice petty to enjoy
Our meals were arranged at another local home, home of Mariyam Dhatha, who lived with her husband and elderly mother. She is one terrific cook and we always ended up eating more than usual. I was so happy to taste so many delicious local dishes.

lunch , local favorites, from top, garudhiya, fihunumas, rihaakuru dhiya
Since S was from that island his relatives would invite us over to their homes usually for afternoon tea of delicious local snacks and extra sweet tea.
teatime snacks
For a mid-morning thirst quencher, we head downstairs to Roxainn, a small cafe' serving coffee, tea, and drinks along with little snacks. They open at 10am and go on till 11pm at night. Their drinks are pretty fantastic especially their Passion mojito.

My family is early risers, hubby always want to see the sunrise but unfortunately, this time didn't see much of a sunrise due to heavy clouds and rain.  The Islanders are up early, the ladies head out to sweep the roads.

a lady sweeping the road using an illoshifathi
 The island is kept very clean and has lots of shady spots to sit and laze about. The Islanders are very friendly and pass by with hellos and how are you's.

A shady spot, a tree with local swings, ( undhoali)

lots of shady trees are found in the road, with plenty of joalifathi ( a sort of local garden chair) to sit around
We were to return on the following Saturday but mother nature was not on our side.

storm on the way. 
We even got on the speed boat to head to the airport but the rough sea and strong wind caused us to turn back to Holhudhoo. Had to wait for the wind to calm down and it took 2 more days before we finally left Holhudhoo to head back home. So got to enjoy two extra days.

 Looking forward to heading back there someday!

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