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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Mango Lassi

My 11 year old is   Fasting  this month. Although its not a must for kids to fast , they still  do as a practice, The smaller ones like  my 6 year old  do half fasts like take suhoor ( early morning meal ) and fast till he starts to feel hungry in the afternoon then have a bite and then fast again.  Its a joke in the house that he does two fasts per day. Although he has managed to hold 2 whole fasts.
As they get older they try to stay longer without the meal.  Anyway I decided to make lassi , which is a yogurt drink thats served alot in India and Pakistan. Mango Lassi is made using mangoes and since Mangoes were around when Ramadhan started I sliced a dozen mangoes and froze them and kept them stashed in the freezer to  turn into smoothies and Lassi ( which I have to say is a kind of smoothie itself right?). Its filling, its healthy and delicious!.

Recipe : Mango Lassi 
Serves 4-5

250g mangoes ( peeled and sliced )
1 cup yogurt
2 cups milk ( full cream or skim or low fat etc)
1 cup cold water
Sugar to taste ( I used about 3 tbsp)

Place everything in the blender and blend till smooth. Thin it down with a little more water if you like it thinner, I prefer a nice thick Lassi.  Chill and serve with a fat straw ( if you like that is) .


  1. Those mangoes we have over here ain't that super..this mango lassi sounds light and very tasty, Nammi.

  2. Ha ha kids at that age mostly behave like that but Ma Sha Allah he has completed 2 of them.The lassi is perfect for the season and Ramadan!


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